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Hair tinsel is a common way to create a sparkling hair look. They were famous between 1990 – 2000, and now they are gaining popularity again. This is a famous trend in social media which is running everywhere now. Furthermore, many teenagers, little girls, and women wear the tinsel at weddings, parties, gatherings, or in their formal/casual routine.

You may have seen many influencers or famous celebrities wearing the hair tinsel on the red carpet, at proms, or at special events. If you want to take your hair to the shiny or next level, prepare to be inspired with hair tinsel. 

The hair tinsel, also known as fairy hair or sparkling hair, is used to create the presence of shimmery, glittery, and sparkling hair. Remember, they are not glitter glue or glitter gel. In fact, they are the fine polyester strands that are installed to your mane with the knot or bead method. 

Are you ready to know more about hair tinsel and give it a try? Read more to know about the tools and accessories that come with them and their installation methods. 

Sparkling styles:

Hair tinsel comes in 12 different funky colors, i.e., sky blue, brown, green, red, baby pink, silver, golden, pink, purple, rainbow, rose, and sapphire blue. All these colors can match your outfit and help you create a sparkling and shiny style in no time. 

You can create different hairstyles by wearing hair tinsel. The hair tinsel comes in a straight form and can be transformed into other forms, such as curl. Furthermore, you can wear the tinsel and put them in a braid or half-catch them. If you want curly hair, then wear the tinsel and curl them. Remember that the hair tinsel is heat resistant up to 200 °C/ 392 °F.

It is like icing on the cake if you have straight hair. The hair tinsel is also straight. You can wear any color that you like or match the color to your outfit. If you are unable to select the hair color, then you can wear the rainbow colors. The rainbow colors contain a mixture of all the other 11 colors and create a more funky look when applied. 

You can increase or decrease the quantity of hair tinsel according to the place you are going. For example, if you are going to any wedding event, prom or gathering, then wear much quantity of hair tinsel for a bold look but if you are going to any office or other formal event, then wear just some strands of hair tinsel. 

Herbiar hair tinsel:

The Herbiar hair tinsel comes with tools and accessories that help you to wear the tinsel easily. These tools and accessories are: 

Beads: Herbiar hair tinsel contains 200 beads that help to apply the tinsel to your mane.

Pulling needle: This is attached to the crochet and helps insert tinsel and hair into the bead.

Crochet: It holds the bead until the tinsel is applied to your mane to form a secure connection between the bead and the tinsel.

Plier: The plier is used to tighten the bead when applying and lose the bead when removing.

Installation guide:

Follow these simple steps to tie the hair tinsel with your mane.

  1. Wash your hair correctly, dry it with a towel, or use the hair dryer.
  2. Complete your hairstyle the way you like it.
  3. Equally, divide your hair into two sections from the place you want the sparkling hair and comb them.
  4. Select your favorite color of tinsel hair extensions and fold them in half. 
  5. Mostly the hair tinsels are 47 inches long, so when you fold them in half, they will still equal or more than your hair length.
  6. Put the bead in the crochet.
  7. Use a pulling needle to enter four or five strands of hair into the bead (Do not pull our crochet from the bead.)
  8. Enter the hair tinsel into the bead with the help of a pulling needle.
  9. Slide down the crochet from the opposite direction so that the bead and tinsel stay with the hair and the crochet comes out.
  10. Take a plier and hold the bead with it. Then, attach the bead to the head.
  11. Press the bead with the plier to tighten it so the bead and tinsel won’t fall.

At Herbiar, we are honored to provide you with the best hair care products. All Herbiar products are natural and unique and give you a glamorous glow. So, what are you waiting for? Check now for the best hair care products at Herbiar!

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