Different Types Of Frames That You Can Choose For Your Prescription Glasses

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Most people spend lots of time choosing the frames because they don’t know what suits them best. Glasses are in fashion and are a major accessory that both men and women like to wear. If you wear prescribed eyeglasses, try frames that perfectly suit your face shape. Prescription glasses when attached to some fashionable frames, makes your face look attractive. There are various types of eyeglass frames that you can use in your prescription glasses. Let’s have a look at different types of eyeglass frames.

Full Rimmed Frames 

Full-rimmed frames are mostly used by people who want to create bold looks on their faces. In this, the frames entirely enclose the lenses of your sunglasses from all sides. This gives a little sturdy yet stylish look. These frames are very durable.

When you buy these frames for your glasses, you must ensure that the frames perfectly fit your face. Moreover, know your face shape and see what size of glasses suits you best. And thus, buy the particular size for yourself.

Rimless Frames 

These glass frames are available in different styles. These are majorly worn to get a minimal look. Rimless frames are very lightweight and create a modern look. They are delicately designed with only temple arms, hinges, and nose bridges. They are available in different metals including titanium. If you want to create a low-profile appearance, you can choose these rimless frames for your prescription glasses.

Semi-Rimless Frames 

Semi-Rimless frames are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. These frames create a both minimal and sassy look. They are more durable than rimless frames. You can pair semi-rimless frame glasses with your casual as well as professional dresses to create a bold look. These frames are also the best option if you want to give a classic touch to your personality.

Wire Frames 

Wire-framed eyeglasses have now re-entered the sunglasses fashion and have become a universal classic fashion staple. These frames are very lightweight and give a clean design to your sunglasses. If you are looking for comfortable eyeglass frames, you can choose wire frames. They are very comfortable and give a trendy look to your face. They come in different styles but the most common is the circular ones.

Low bridge Frames

If you have a low nose bridge, you may have faced misalignment issues while wearing sunglasses. To solve this issue, you can get a low bridge frame attached to your eyeglasses to get a perfect fit. Along with this solution, low bridge frames come in different styles, designs, and colours.

Choose Trendy Frame Shape

When you have decided what type of frame you want for your prescription glasses, you can choose the shape of the frame. There are many frame shapes available in the market. Let’s have a close look at some of the frame shapes.

1.Rectangular Frames

Rectangular glasses have rectangular frames and lenses. The rectangular shape of the frames gives a slender and angular look. These are a better choice if you have an oval, round or heart face shape.

2.Oval Frames 

Oval frames are a little round and give a modest look to your face. They are  timeless pieces to create a slender and fashionable look. If you have an angular face shape like a square or heart-shaped, oval frames will be a good option for you to choose. However, if you have a round or pear-shaped face, avoid wearing oval-framed glasses.

3.Round frames 

Round frames are used in round glasses with circular lenses. These frames are mostly used in glasses when you want to get a classic and retro look. Round frames better suit wire-frames or full-rimmed frames.

If you want to incorporate round frames into your prescribed glasses, get oversized frames and lenses to get a vigilant look. People with square, diamond, and heart face shapes choose these round frames for their eyeglasses so that their angular structures get less highlight.

So, these are some of the types of frames that you can choose for your sunglasses. These different rim types suit different occasions and individuals’ sense of styling. Whether you have single-vision, bifocal or progressive lenses in your prescription glasses, you can choose any of the frames as per your preference and style.

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