Embark on an Unforgettable Journey: Cruises Departing from New Jersey 2023

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The East Coast shores have been an infamous destination for tourists who go there to enjoy the sizzling sun and the crystal-clear ocean water of the Atlantic in summertime. The entire area encompasses around 3,700 miles in total, with 141 miles belonging to New Jersey Stone Harbor. Some of the most captivating beaches of New Jersey include Cape May, Manasquan, Point Pleasant Beach, Long Branch, Sea Bright, Spring Lake and Sea Isle City, among others. These beautiful places attract millions of visitors annually, with 48 million recorded for last year in the New Jersey shores.

However, the Jersey coast is not only available to beachgoers but also cruises and cargo ships that visit it regularly. New Jersey together with New York have a shared port called The Port of New York and New Jersey, which lies along the New York Harbor and New York Bay. This port welcomes plenty of cruises throughout the year which stop and take the tourists and then sail away to a variety of destinations. With the Independence Day just around the corner, many people like to spend the week in a cruise to enjoy the sun but also enjoy many other activities such as attending a performance honoring the country, watching a documentary about the best 4th of July moments in sports or other fields, or having a good dinner with typical American food, all within a cruise ship. So, in today’s article, we will see why the Jersey Port is a convenient departure port and explore what cruises are planned for the summer of 2023.

Why New Jersey is a convenient port?

New Jersey is very closely located to the big cities, such as New York which is 73.8 miles away and Philadelphia which is 62.2 miles away. This proximity makes Jersey an ideal point for locals and tourists from these two states who are willing to embark on a cruise ship. New Jersey’s strategic location make it possible for people to enjoy the amazing surroundings of the Big Apple, while also being able to go to Philadelphia and explore the historical and cultural places before or after their cruise trip. In addition to that, people who want to fly out of New Jersey after the cruise have the option to do so as New Jersey is home to many international airports who offer domestic and international flights on a daily basis. Thus, travelers can connect their flights with the cruise depart or arrival quite easily which would consequently minimize travel time and logistical challenges.

Which destinations can you discover departing from New Jersey?

There is a diversity of options offered as destinations with cruises leaving from the Jersey port. There is a wide range of alternatives, depending on what your preferences are, but there is pretty much everything from tropical escapes to historic ports. Let’s explore a few of these destinations and see what they have to offer!


Bermuda is one of the most famous places to explore as it offers a paradise-like environment with turquoise water and pink sand beaches. One plausible option is offered by Celebrity Cruises for a 7-night Bermuda cruise with room prices ranging from $1000. The itinerary includes the departing day from Cape Liberty at 4:00 PM, which is in Bayonne, New Jersey. Then, day two and three is about cruising, while on day four, five and six you are at Royal Naval Dockyard, which is the historical site of Bermuda. In addition to visiting this place, you can also enjoy snorkeling and explore some of the most beautiful coral reefs found in the Ocean. Finally, day seven is about cruising back and day eight will find you back in Cape Liberty.

Caribbean Islands

The next destination on the list is the captivating Caribbean Islands which is another highly sought-after vacation station. The Caribbean Islands are a great destination for both the tropical offerings, but also the cultural diversities of various kinds. Royal Caribbean offers cruises from Cape Liberty port as well with room prices starting off at $764. On day one you would depart at 3:00 PM from Cape Liberty, while on day two you would be cruising at sea. On day three, the ship arrives in Port Canaveral in Orlando, Florida. On day four you’d find yourself in the Bahamas at CocoCay. Days five and six are reserved for cruising, while the arrival back to New Jersey is planned for day seven in the early morning hours. This option offers a full experience for enjoying the sun and the food while immersing yourself in the Caribbean rhythm.


The excitement of taking a cruise out of New Jersey is incredibly entertaining and fun. From ports in New Jersey, you can quickly begin your journey to a lot of destinations including Bermuda and the Caribbean Island. During your journey, you can visit a wide variety of locations, including tropical islands with stunning beaches, locations with intriguing cultures, and locations with breathtaking natural beauty. There are a ton of fun activities available on cruise ships, including sports activities, performances, and a delicious cuisine. Going on a cruise from New Jersey gives you a lot of possibilities, however you can also explore riverboat and lake cruises available across New Jersey. Prepare to pack your luggage, put your cares aside, and enjoy a fantastic cruise from New Jersey. Bon voyage!

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