Engagement Rings – Top 10 Fashion Trends for 2021

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In the culture and the fashion world that we stay in, trends are a phenomenon of great interest. Most of the time, you can relate, and there is clarity when something trendy picks up. There are other times when some trends put us in confusion. When it comes to the bridal world, it is a slow process of the trend change when compared to other markets.

It is good in a way as no one wishes their engagement ring to be out of trend within a year of their marriage. Emerald rings have been in trend for decades now and are a preferred choice for engagement rings. Leibish is a renowned name in emerald jewelry, and you can explore a range of emerald rings on their site.

Top Fashion Trends for Engagement Rings

So let us see the ongoing trends in the engagement rings that are in fashion:

1. Buy an Elongated Center Stone (Emerald Cuts, Pears, Oval)

One of the best options is to select an elongated center stone like the emerald cut, pear cut, or oval as your engagement ring. Your fingers will not only appear slender and longer with these shapes but look heavier than round shapes with a weight of the same carat. Bride’s first preference for rings has been the oval shape for the past many years now. The emerald cut emanates sophistication and elegance as well as the glamour of the old world.

2. Solitaires

Similar to the black attire, solitaire also never fades in style. Solitaire as a center stone looks the best as it carries an enduring appeal of propensity and simplicity. Still, the shank design and the band make the ring feel up to date. For example, in the 90s, a broader width was the obvious choice when the contemporary, somewhat masculine appearance was trending in fashion. But when we look in for today’s trend, it is a slimmer and delicate band that gives a fresh look.

The best part of solitaire is, it is not expensive and suits everyone. Solitaire rings complement other rings like your anniversary band or wedding band. It helps you in creating a stunning bridal stack.

3. Chevron or “V” Rings for Engagement

The chevron rings set the ideal trend, carrying the feature of a distinctive V shape for your finger. The lady who wants to look out of this world prefers this delicate, quirky, and romantic aesthetic. The ring with this V shape looks great if you wear it pointing down towards the tip of your finger. It will appear like an arrow.

4. A Fine Vintage

There is always a high demand for the engagement ring with a touch of vintage. These rings get praise for their timeless appeal. They have some usual features of charm, soulful elegance along with the imbued character.

The idea for preferring a vintage ring is to follow a family heirloom, passing it to the upcoming generation. Or maybe it is giving your engagement ring a charm of the old world and character. Above all, the vintage-inspired ring exudes romance and looks distinctive.

The present-day vintage inclined rings have a perfect balance of modernity and antiquity. Vintage Rings give a fresh look and come in various metal colors like white gold, yellow, rose, and even platinum.

5. Floral

A top romantic gesture to show love and affection is to give someone beautiful flowers. An engagement ring with a floral design provides this solid emotion. It was the year 2018 when the floral design engagement ring came and blew almost everyone’s mind. The appearance of this ring is ultra-feminine. It looks romantic when set on rose gold but gives a feeling of uniqueness and contemporary when set on white gold or platinum.

6. A Rosy Outlook

Rose Gold engagement rings have both the features of romance and modernity. Today rose gold stands as a new metal option. The rose gold is not of today but has a rich and long history of the early 1800s. In the past many years, it has become the first choice for the brides longing for rings that give them a romantic feeling, along with the contemporary sweet charm of feminism.

Rose Gold always gives a new feel whether used in modern ones, floral design, or a vintage inclined ring.

7. Hidden Halo

Halo till today still holds its significance among the brides but not every lady prefers this setting. For those not wishing Halo or Solitaire and still want to add something interesting to their ring, there is a new thing evolving in the market. Hidden halo is the close alternative to Halo. Hidden Halo features a diamond in small size placed all along 360 degrees of the ring. From the sides, these diamonds do face out, making them sparkle from every angle.

8. Three’s the Charm

All the credit goes to Meghan Markle, for creating a substantial demand for triple stone engagement rings. The usual classic choice is globe-shaped centered stone along with round-shaped side stones. Nowadays, there are more exciting varieties of combinations available. An Oval shape gives an elegant look with a crescent moon-like shape diamond on every side.

The emerald cut looks stunning with a combination of trapezoids and baguettes. A princess cut placed on all sides with sparkling trillion diamonds adds to the elegance and distinctiveness. The three-stone engagement ring has become the first choice of the brides as it carries the meaning of fidelity, friendship, and love.

9. The Skinny on Thin Bands

It was the skinny jeans that were trending, and now it is the skinny bands. It is very recent in the emergence of plain, delicate, thin, and diamond-rimmed bands through social media. The juxtaposition of the slimmer band with the substantial size of the center stone are two unusual things. Both of them work elegantly together in pulling attention to the stone placed in the center.

The rare blend of the opposite scales makes a noticeable appearance on the center stone.

However, our advice will be to avoid a thinner band. The recommendation is to go with at least 1.8 mm width for getting better endurance and stability. A skinny band always has a risk of losing shape, bending, and cracking. It will not suit ladies having an active lifestyle. The thinner band looks great on ladies having delicate hands with slender fingers. The thin band may lose its charm on much bigger hands.

10. A Knack for the Stack

Instagram and Pinterest, playing a crucial role in stacking the bride of the future and all the married ladies. The curved diamond band with wedding and engagement rings makes a woman super excited. They can depict their distinctive style by stacking these rings in their fingers.

The addition of these rings looks modern and trendy. It also serves as a great gifting option for occasions like anniversary and birthday gifts.

Variety of Options for All

Technical know-how and knowledge for customer preferences make the company introduce the latest trend in the engagement rings. The marketing of these rings has also become easy with the presence of social media. Many customers have access to a quick internet that makes them aware of the trends in different fields.

There are many sources that you as a customer can know about the suitability of a particular engagement or wedding ring. Plan for it and try different options for rings as per the current trend. The ring loaded with various elements carries specific messages. For men, gifting their loved ones with a ring is the best feeling in this world. For women receiving a ring from their love of life gives the ultimate feel of romance and oneness.

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