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Japanese amusement casino bars have been popular despite the fact that live casino gambling was formerly illegal in Japan. Recently, however, the Japanese government established a series of laws allowing for legal actual money casino gaming under particular circumstances.

Osaka and Yokohama are two locations in Japan that have put forward applications to become home to the country’s first legally sanctioned casinos. MGM Resorts International seems to hold the most interest in these projects. In spite of a few obstacles, these three cities are making significant progress toward building the first casinos that are permitted to operate in Japan. In point of fact, there is evidence that casino construction will soon be given the green light in Japan and that work will get underway.

For now, there are a number of venues tourists may go to play some clean and enjoyable games of chance until land-based real money casinos become more widespread. Check out the greatest and most popular choices in the following sections.

Japanese Casino Bars

Japan is not known for its gambling establishments since the Criminal Code of Japan rendered casinos illegal at the start of the twentieth century. As a consequence, gambling for real money, including slot machines and table games like poker, was banned outright in an effort to minimize addiction. Nonetheless, there are methods to enjoy a pleasant, legal casino experience in Japan without placing actual cash bets.

A Japanese casino bar is an entertainment establishment that provides games similar to those found in a real casino but without the danger of losing money since it does not enable players to exchange their chips for cash or prizes. Before you may purchase chips at the bar and use them to play games at the tables, you usually have to pay an entry fee of about $10 dollars. These establishments follow the Entertainment Establishments Control Law, so you can be certain that you are in good hands.

While you cannot trade chips for cash, you may win at the tables and accumulate more chips, so as long as you continue to win games and have more chips on hand, you do not need to purchase additional chips. If you lose a game, your chips will be depleted, exactly as in a real casino. If you run out of chips, you must purchase more, but otherwise, you may continue playing with your original investment. Many casino bars will keep your chips for a certain period so you may resume your game later.

Also, although there is no method to exchange your chips for money, you may use them at the bar to purchase beverages and food in certain locations. Soft drinks and spirits are available, and some casinos provide a free drink with your entry fee.

Casino bars are found across Japan in prominent gaming districts such as Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro, as well as various types of clubs and pubs. Adults from around the country, as well as tourists, enjoy socializing at casino bars while playing casino games and sipping alcoholic drinks.

Games Available at Casino Bars

Popular table games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack are often seen at casino bars. The dealers at the tables are typically quite pleasant and will explain the rules if you’re not sure how to play. Some establishments even provide beginner’s courses.


A card game in which the winner is determined by whether or not the total number of cards dealt is equal to or closer to 21 points, without exceeding. The game uses 52 standard playing cards but does not include a joker. The vast majority of casinos have it.


The dealer will prepare four cards, two for the “BANKER” position, and two for the “PLAYER” position. In this card game, players wager on whose card total is most closely related to 9. It’s not complicated, although it can become rather heated. Baccarat is often regarded as the most prestigious casino game in the world.


The ball is thrown as the dealer spins the roulette wheel and the players attempt to determine where on the roulette board the ball will land, through a series of betting methods that affect the ultimate payout ratio. Experiencing the thrill of the wheel turning as the ball is in motion is hard to resist. This well-known table game is sometimes referred to as the “queen” of casinos.

Texas Hold’em

One of the most popular poker variations is Texas Hold’em. Each player is given two face-down “hole” cards, followed by three rounds of face-up “community” cards. Any combination of the seven cards in play may provide the greatest five-card poker hand for each player. Players may check, call, raise, or fold their bets. The pot is won by the player with the best hand who has not folded at the end of all betting rounds. Easy to understand, yet hard to master!

The Pachinko Parlors

Although pachinko is not listed among the world’s most popular online games, it certainly is one of the most popular games in Japan. At first sight, it seems to be quite similar to the game of pinball; however, the main difference is that when a player’s ball successfully enters a particular hole, it triggers a slot machine, and if a jackpot is won, the player is awarded more balls.

After that, players have the option of continuing to play or exchanging their balls for prizes of varying values at a booth located inside the parlor. Pachinko parlors do not give out monetary prizes; instead, players will usually trade their pachinko balls in for special tokens, which are often thin pieces of gold that have been encased in plastic, and then sell those tokens at a store nearby in return for cash.

The Horse Races

Horse racing events are another popular venue for gambling in Japan. This is the second most popular game of chance, the first being Pachinko in Japan. The bulk of gambling activities that include horse racing are regulated by the Japan Racing Association. This organization is run by the Japanese government, which maintains full authority over it. You may participate in the game by traveling to one of the events and betting money on the outcome. These events take place every weekend and you have the option of watching the race either at the track or at one of the offsite venues.

The TOTO Matches

Officially sanctioned football gambling in Japan is known as “TOTO.” With the outcomes of soccer games as the basis for the lottery, Toto generates its winning numbers. If you’d want to join the action alongside the crowds of Japanese residents and visitors, you’ll first need to purchase a single or double wagering slip.

Despite Japan’s delayed progress toward building land-based casinos, beginners and tourists alike may still enjoy a cash-free but realistic casino experience by learning the rules at a casino bar and honing their abilities.

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