First Tennis Lessons: How to Prepare?

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Tennis is an exciting sport. He trains not only the body, but also the brain, as important decisions must be made on the court. If you decide to join the squad of tennis players, then you should prepare for training. You will find practical recommendations in this article.

Decide on the type of activity

Training can take place in two formats: individual and group. Individual tennis lessons mean that all the attention of the coach is focused on only one person. A personal training program is compiled for the athlete, which takes into account his physical fitness and playing skills. The coach corrects mistakes and forms the correct technique. Therefore, great results can be achieved in a short period of time.

Group trainings are held according to the average program. A coach cannot pay much attention to an individual player. But the advantage of such activities is that you can compete with other athletes who have different levels of play.

It is worth choosing the type of occupation, relying on your character. Personal training is suitable for introverted people who do not want to compete. Group – sociable people who also aim to make new useful acquaintances.

Individual lessons are more intended for athletes who want to improve their playing skills, get back in shape after a break, and prepare for competitions. But group ones are a great option for fans who play tennis for their own pleasure.

Eliminate health contraindications

Tennis, like any other sport, has a number of contraindications. You can not do it if you have such health problems:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • chronic kidney disease;
  • diabetes;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • flat feet;
  • high degree of myopia.

To rule out contraindications, before enrolling in the section, you must undergo a medical examination. If there are pathologies, then it is better to choose a different type of physical activity so as not to harm health.

Why physical training is necessary for a tennis player

Everyone who comes to learn to play tennis has different goals and objectives. For some, just a general strengthening of the body and an exciting pastime is enough, and some strive to reach significant heights in a sports career. Nevertheless, both for those and for others, the implementation of the physical training is simply necessary.

If general physical training is simply absent as an unnecessary element, the future tennis player can not only forget about serious sports achievements, he exposes himself to an increased risk of various kinds of injuries and sprains. GPT is the foundation on which to build good tennis training, as well as the necessary elements at the beginning and end of training.

Buy sports equipment

You need to train with a special tennis gear. The standard set for men includes a t-shirt and shorts, and for women a t-shirt and a skirt or tennis dress.

Be sure to buy running shoes. They must be made of genuine leather. This material provides natural ventilation, so that the feet will not sweat and slip out of the shoes. In addition, leather sneakers have a long service life and retain their original appearance even under intense training conditions.

Pick up a racket

It is best to have a personal tennis racket if you plan to practice it for a long time. There are various options on the market. For example, according to the material of manufacture, the following types are available:

— Aluminum. They have a simple design. Ideal for beginners to develop punching techniques.

— Composite graphite. The rackets are made of graphite with aluminum added to the rim. They convey well the accuracy and force of impact that comes from the player.

— Whole graphite. These are rackets for professionals. The composition contains various impurities that affect their properties. Therefore, when choosing, it is better to try several graphite rackets, support them in your hands in order to choose the most suitable option.

Buy a uniform

You must come to tennis lessons in uniform. The tennis set for men consists of a T-shirt and shorts. For women – from a skirt and a T-shirt or a sports dress. You also need to buy special tennis shoes. They have a special sole that takes into account the characteristics of the tennis court surface.

There are also a number of additional things that you need to have in order for your workout to be comfortable. These are wristbands, a headband, protection for knees and elbows.

Choose a tennis court

For beginners, the most suitable clay tennis court. It provides good cushioning and reduces stress on the knees. It is also relatively soft, which prevents serious injury from falling.

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