Games and Activities to Make Your Bingo Theme Party Memorable Fun

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By Anna Bailey

Are you searching for a budget-friendly, enjoyable party idea? Look no further than bingo! A game of chances and skill, bingo is perfect to keep any crowd – children or adults alike – entertained. Below we’ve compiled our best recommendations for decorations, activities and favors that will make your next get-together one to remember! 

So take your cards, play bingo and win real money, call the numbers louder and get ready to play bingo!

Bingo Theme Party Decorations

Take your bingo-themed party to the next level and add eye-catching décor! Transform everyday materials like markers, cards, and pieces into unique decorations for a truly memorable gathering. Here are some inspiring ideas that you won’t want to miss out on!

Bingo Markers

Transform your tables into works of art by tying together bingo markers and adorning them around a tall vase! Coordinate with colorful ribbons to capture the eye, then fill it up with bright white flowers for an extra pop. These vivid colors will create stunning table décor that is sure to turn heads.

Hanging Bingo Cards

For added creativity, make a bingo banner by stringing several cards with fishing line and stretching it along an opening or wall. You can even take the extra step of cutting out triangles to create a pennant flag for more subtle yet modern bingo decor. 

Photo by Tatiana Аzatskaya:

To begin this project, start by punching holes in the top corners of each large card and thread them together using your chosen type of fishing line. Hang them individually from the ceiling for maximum impact!

Bingo Ball Balloons

For a festive and fun bingo-inspired decoration, grab some white balloons and decorate them with sharpie-written black letters and numbers. You could write “I26” on one balloon to make it look like an actual bingo ball! To take your decoration up a notch, try tying several of these colorful “bingo balls” together for an eye-catching bouquet.

Bingo Pieces

Add some pizazz to your tabletop decor by sprinkling it with bingo pieces! Get a variety of colors for the full impact, and let the laughter from good-natured competition set in.

Bingo Cards

Spice up your party space with customized bingo cards! Hang them on the walls or make them a part of your centerpiece, then distribute laminated bingo cards to use as placemats for each guest. For an extra special touch, create personalized bingo cards – it’ll be sure to get people talking and having fun!

Bingo Theme Party Favors

To ensure your guests have an unforgettable bingo experience, send them off with a variety of gifts and accessories that they can use at their next bingo game or in everyday life. 

Here is a list of some particularly noteworthy mementos to make your bingo event even more memorable:

Miniature Bingo Set

Let your guests have a blast in the comfort of their own home with an adorable mini bingo set!

Framed Bingo Cards

Treat your guests to a truly one-of-a-kind bingo experience by decorating individualized bingo cards with their names! You can also take the personalized touch up another notch by adding photos from your party into each square. Show off your creative side and come up with other fun ways to make each card unique. 

Margaret Neuhaus

With these custom touches, you’ll give every guest an unforgettable memento of the event that they can treasure for years to come.

Bingo Magnets

Surprise your guests with a vivid and fun addition to their refrigerator – bingo magnets! They’ll love the unexpected splash of color in their kitchen.

Bingo Dauber

Adding a special touch to your party, Bingo daubers make for the perfect favor that all of your guests can enjoy. Showcase multiple vibrant colors in an attractive basket and let them pick their favorite or attach several with a ribbon as one unique present!

Bingo Gumballs

Make bingo an even more enjoyable experience by crafting edible balls from white gumballs and writing the classic bingo letters and numbers on them with edible ink. For a final touch, bundle some of these one-of-a kind creations into cellophane bags for extra flair. It’s creative, adorable, and sure to keep your guests entertained!

Bingo Mugs

Every time you sip your morning coffee, reminisce about the amazing party that was held with this adorably designed bingo-themed mug!

Bingo T-shirts

Surprise your bingo-playing friends with stylish Bingo-themed T-shirts! The perfect party favor, these shirts will turn any bingo night into a fun fashion show.

Lucky Charms

Help your bingo-playing guests increase their chances of success with rabbit’s feet, lucky trolls dolls or bingo keychains – all equally effective as luck charms! Bring joy to the table and perhaps even riches, by providing them with a token o’ good fortune.

Scratch-Off Lottery Game Ticket

Make your party even more memorable for your guests by offering them a chance to win big with a scratch-off lottery ticket. You never know, you might be hosting the next millionaire – making it an event they won’t soon forget!

Bingo Ornament

This holiday season, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a festive bingo-themed Christmas ornament!

Give your bingo themed party a unique twist with delicious food ideas from Etsy! From charming cake pops to colorful cupcakes, there is something for everyone at every budget. 

Let your guests know that you went the extra mile in making their experience special with our remarkable selection of edible delights. Shop now and give them an unforgettable event they won’t soon forget!

Bingo Cupcake Toppers

Transform your theme party with the addition of these fabulous bingo toppers! Not only will they add an elegant, decorative accent to either homemade cupcakes or catered confections, but you won’t have to break the bank for them either. Your cake will be positively glowing in no time at all!

Bingo Cupcakes

Transform a regular cupcake into an exciting bingo-themed treat with only a few steps! Start by baking your favorite vanilla cupcakes and use a butter knife to flatten out the frosting. Then, make the letters stand out on top of each other using an icing injector topped with different colored icings. Finally, you can add some extra fun to these sweet treats by placing bingo toppers onto them – it’s up to you how creative you want them look in the end!

Bingo Cookie Cutters

Create a delightful homemade surprise for your guests with these bingo-themed cookie cutters! Baking cookies are an easy way to make tasty party treats, and when you add different icing colors it will give them an extra splash of color. Everyone is sure to be thrilled with this DIY delight.

Bingo Dip – Rotel Dip

Spice up your bingo night with some tasty finger food appetizers like Rotel Dip! This easy, cheesy recipe will have your guests coming back for seconds and beyond. All you need to do is brown the meat, combine cheese and tomatoes together in a pan, then voila – Bingo magic! With this dish on the menu, it’ll take your themed party to an entirely new level.

Bingo Italian Pinwheels

To make your party unforgettable, serve up delicious Italian Pinwheels as an appetizer! Quick to prepare and full of flavor, these pinwheels will have your guests stacking plates high on their way to play blackout bingo. You can easily order them at a nearby grocery store or try making them yourself for extra fun!

Looking to spruce up your bingo night? Break out of the ordinary and explore a multitude of unique gameplay variations!

Play Bingo of Course!

No bingo celebration would be complete without a classic cage and gameboard! With this duo, you can play multiple rounds of the beloved game – with the victor always getting to call out the following round.

Human Bingo

This rendition of the game is perfect for initiating conversations. Craft your own bingo cards and fill in each space with facts about each guest (i.e., favorite color is blue, plays basketball, etc.). Ask everyone to mingle around the room and mark off a box whenever they come across someone who matches that description. 

When one person successfully crosses out 5 traits in sequence – it’s their win!

Postage Stamps Variation

Before you start the game, make sure to draw attention to the four corner squares on each bingo card. These are known as “postage stamps,” and your goal is for a single player to fill all four of them in order to win! This exciting variation is also referred to as ‘four corners.’


Despite having the same rules, this alternative of bingo challenges players to fill every slot on their card instead of filling a single row.

One on One

Gather your players into teams of two and equip them with bingo cards. Have the first member in each group pick out a random combination to call, followed by their partner doing the same. The player who successfully completes their card first wins!

Party Bingo

Engage your attendees in fun, interactive bingo action by providing each of them with a blank card. Request that they fill out the squares with words or phrases expected to be uttered during the event. 

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

As guests hear their predetermined terms throughout the occasion, have them mark those boxes off on their cards; whoever achieves five sequential marks is declared victorious!

Top and Bottom Variation

Experience a unique variation on classic bingo by playing where the top and bottom rows must both be filled to win.

Eight States Variation

For a truly unique and invigorating twist on traditional bingo, players should attempt to cover the eight spaces surrounding the free space instead of simply playing for bingo. This is sure to add an exciting challenge!

Corner Variation

Shake up the game by having your players compete to fill all four corners of the board first. See who can claim their victory and become the corner conqueror!

Picture Bingo

Refresh the party atmosphere with a dynamic game of picture bingo! To play, participants must match pictures to corresponding descriptions. This vibrant form of entertainment is sure to sharpen your cognitive skills while having tons of fun at the same time!

Reverse Bingo

Have the players start by standing and provide them each with a bingo card. As you would in a conventional game of bingo, announce letters and numbers; nonetheless, have participants take their seat when they discover one of the combinations called out on their card. The last player still standing will be crowned as the victor!

Bingo Marker Treats

Spice up your festive party by incorporating food into the games! For instance, at a Christmas Bingo get-together, utilize red and green M&M’s as bingo markers for an exciting twist. If you’re looking for something different from regular bingo markers, Hershey’s Kisses are always welcome – not to mention they’ll give guest some deliciousness to look forward to once the game has concluded!

Delight in the classic game of Bingo with our exclusive collection of party supplies! From vibrant bingo cards to catchy daubers, we have everything you need for your next themed gathering – make sure to check out our deals and discounts today!

Bingo Tablecloth

For an unforgettable party, make sure your event is even more remarkable by searching for a bingo-themed tablecloth at any nearby retail store! If you can’t find one, no need to worry – we have the perfect solution with our vibrant and festive bingo tablecloth in stock!

Bingo Banner

Let your bingo bash shine with the addition of banners! Not only will they add a festive touch to any party table, but also create an ideal backdrop for perfect memories that you can look back on.

Bingo Glow Cups

Upgrade your game night and make it unforgettable with stylish, glowing cups! Not only are they aesthetically pleasing to have at the party, but you’ll save time afterwards by not having to wash dishes. Make sure you’ve got plenty of disposable plasticware around so that your night is easy-going and stress free!

Bingo Glow Plates

Transform your event into an enchanted evening with our unique glow cups and plates! Let your guests have a magical experience while enjoying their favourite finger foods from luminous dinnerware. Add ambience, colour, fun, and unparalleled deliciousness to your gathering by introducing these unforgettable glowing items!

Bingo Glow Plasticware

Transform your event into an extraordinary experience by including all the necessary plastic wares. Check off every item on your list and add a few glimmering forks, knives, and spoons for an electrifying touch!

Bingo Napkins

You’ll need bingo napkins to make your bingo-themed party stand out. Find a color combination that best suits the atmosphere and theme of your event! Make sure you have plenty so that all of your guests can clean up any spills, crumbs, or tears after someone wins the game!

Bingo Theme Party Invitations

Make your bingo-themed party sparkle with invitations that will share all the exciting news and details to ensure your guests don’t miss out! As we know, first impressions are paramount. Get creative with customised invites that friends and family won’t soon forget! Let’s make this a stand-out event from the very start – personalise those invitations to ‘wow’ your guest list now.

Colorful Bingo Invitations

Welcome your friends and family to an unforgettable bingo night with a personalized invitation featuring vibrant colors and dazzling designs! Include all the essential information, such as location, price, date, etc., so your guests can join in on the fun. This invite is perfect for any age group – don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

Bingo Sheet Invitations

This cleverly crafted invitation resembles an ordinary bingo sheet, yet it is actually a personal invite! Personalize the information to inform your guests of all the details they should know about your event.

Drinking and Bingo Invitations

Throw the ultimate bingo party for adults with this stunning invitation! After downloading it, you can personalize it to your needs. Plus, tell your friends to bring their favorite libations along – and make sure they’re ready for an evening of fun!

Ready to guarantee a night of fun and entertainment for you and your friends? Look no further than throwing an unforgettable bingo party! Get started on budgeting today, then incorporate our helpful tips regarding décor, games, and favours into the mix. If this amazing bingo-themed bash has piqued your interest in hosting any kind of party with style – head over to our website where even more ideas await!

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