Genshin Impact: A Guide to the Best Free Heroes for Beginners

by Staff

Genshin Impact is a game in which you will have to learn how to combine different characters and combine their abilities to achieve the best results during the battle.

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For a comfortable passage of any type of content, it is necessary to assemble a group of 4 characters. But how can a beginner do this if only one Traveler hero is available to him from the start? Don’t worry, there is a way out! In this article, we will tell you which characters in Genshin Impact are free and how to get them.

The Traveler

Since this guide is intended for beginners, first you need to know more about the capabilities of the main character – a Traveler. Initially, its basic element is Anemo. With this element, you will solve most of the puzzles in the open world and the dungeons on the territory of Mondstadt. In the future, as you progress in the study of Teyvat, you will be able to unlock two more elements for the Traveler – Geo and Electro. It is worth noting that the Traveler is the only 5-star hero among all the free characters. But we cannot call him the strongest hero. Because of this, we do not recommend you boost it to the maximum at the start of the game. Save the experience enhancement materials for other free characters. On the developer’s forum of Genshin Impact, many people share their Travelers’ stats to compare them with each other.


Amber is the second free character you will get in Genshin Impact. She is an archer and is endowed with the power of the Pyro element. For the first time, you will meet this charming girl during the execution of the tasks of the Archon Prologue. She will be added to your character collection after completing the Chapter I quest series.


Unfortunately, Amber is one of the weakest heroes in the game. And these are not unfounded statements. The developers themselves placed it at the end of the list in the shooting gallery, along with the Anemo Traveler. And its positions have not changed since the release of Genshin Impact.

However, it is worth noting that as a free hero, Amber is not so bad. Of course, in the future, it is desirable to replace her with another, stronger pyro-hero, but until you have an alternative, add her to your squad. At least it will be useful for you to activate pyro puzzles in dungeons and the open world.


Kaeya is a Cryo element character armed with a one-handed sword. It becomes available after completing the tasks of the Archon Prologue, chapter I “Obstacle course”. Kaeya is one of the best free characters for beginners. She has good base damage and good elemental abilities. For example, the spontaneous skill “Cold Attack” not only causes Cryo damage to all enemies facing the hero but can also freeze water, which greatly facilitates the exploration of islands remote from the mainland (you can walk on frozen water).


Many players with a high adventure rank continue to use Kaeya even after they have collected many paid characters of the same element. According to them, it is very convenient and simple in terms of the mechanics of abilities. So if you don’t know which hero to pump first, invest in Kaeya.



Xiangling is probably the most difficult in terms of getting a free hero in Genshin Impact. Players who have reached the 20th adventure rank will be able to get it. Upon reaching the specified rank, you will open the opportunity to pass a special test called “Spiral Abyss”.


Xiangling is a reward for completing the third floor of the Spiral Abyss (all three halls). Having completed this test, the hero of the element Pyro, who is currently considered the best of the free characters in the game, will be added to your collection.


Unfortunately, we cannot call Xiangling a simple hero. It will take you some time to get used to her abilities. But it’s worth it. Having understood the mechanics of her skills, you will get a good dumper who will help you pass almost any type of content.

Why should you play Genshin Impact? This game made $1bn in its first six months according to BBC news. It has a fascinating main plot that continues to develop with each major update, well-written characters, and their motivations. You don’t have to pay for hours of captivating story content. The developers paid a lot of attention to the appearance of the characters, and their animation. Not surprisingly, almost all GI characters can be found in cosplay, fan art, and comics.

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