Getting Your Boat Ready for the Summer Season: 6 Priorities

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The transition from spring to summer is the best period for boating. The weather is perfect for a day out on the waters, fishing, sunbathing, boatgating, and more. You can even watch movies on the boat while enjoying the calm waters.

But admit it, many boat owners don’t often sail during winter and other cooler months as much as they do during spring and summer. Some people don’t use their boats during winter at all. So, it would be ideal if you did some things to prepare your boat for the upcoming season first. Here are some tips that experts say you should prioritize when getting your boat ready for summer.

Boat cleaning and visual inspection

The first thing you should do to get your boat ready for summer is to clean it. Begin cleaning the inner part of the boat using a scrub and mild detergent before rinsing using a hose.

Get rid of stains or molds using oxygen-based mold stain removal products. Afterward, clean the outer part of the boat using a hull cleaner, then rinse the dirt. Once you notice any damage while cleaning, take the opportunity to check the affected area thoroughly. After cleaning, finish any necessary repairs.

Paint the bottom

After your boat has been soaked in water for a year, paint the bottom with antifouling paint. Antifouling coverage protects the boat from marine pollutants like seagrasses and mollusks, which can cling to the hull. These pollutants will slow down the boat, leading to more fuel consumption.

You should also replace the paint of your boat’s flooring using a marine paint like Durabak for boats as an alternative to boat carpet. It adheres to practically any boat surface like plywood, fiberglass, aluminum, and high-density plastic.

Registration renewal

Before you enjoy sailing in the summer, renew your registration first. Nothing is more frustrating than getting ready to launch your boat only to realize that your registration has expired.

Lights, accessories, and battery check

Before testing your boat’s lights, check the boat’s battery first. The battery should be completely charged, and the terminals should be clean of corrosion.

Once done, make sure all lights are working to be safe. Also, examine the power trim and trolling motor to guarantee good operation.

Engine maintenance

Check your engine before summer, especially if you didn’t do engine maintenance during fall. Drain any remaining fuel in the tank, replace the oil if your boat has a four-stroke engine, and inspect the engine for smooth operation.

Safety gear should be complete

Your safety gear should also meet law requirements, so ensure to do the following:

  1. Prepare various sizes of life jackets that match your boat’s full capacity.
  2. Have a working fire extinguisher.
  3. Carry some first aid kits.

You’re off for summer when all of these are checked on your list.


To sum it up, preparing a boat for the upcoming season is a bit overwhelming. But you have to imagine how much fun you’ll experience afterward, which makes everything worthwhile. Applying these priorities before summer ensures your safety and of those on board once you sail.

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