Glass Partition Installation: As Quick & Easy as It Gets

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Glass Partition Installation: As Quick & Easy as It Gets

The reasons to install glass partitions in your living room, home gym, kitchen, or office are plentiful.

They help revitalize your interior, giving it a posh and sophisticated look. Thanks to glass partitions, you can attend important Zoom meetings even if your kids are tearing up the house. And if you’re sensitive to cooking smells, glass partitions keep kitchen odors at bay.

However, many homeowners and commercial property managers postpone their plans to have glass partitions installed, fearing the work is too messy, dusty, and loud, and will force them to move furniture around and temporarily switch to the much-dreaded work-from-home arrangements.

In this article, we’ll try to debunk these myths by walking you through the process of installing glass partitions step by step.

Installing Glass Partitions in 5 Steps

Step 1. Choose a reliable glass partition company

To revamp your space, you first need to select a reliable glass wall company.

For this, you can run a quick Google search, shortlist several businesses, and compare their catalogs, prices, and portfolios. It won’t hurt if you study the companies’ ratings on Google My Business and dedicated review platforms like Yelp.

Step 2. Get down to planning

Get in touch with the glass partitions company that topped your list and schedule a visit from a technical specialist to do the measurements.

In addition to measuring the area where the glass partitions will be installed, the technician will recommend the most suitable glass type, frame material, and door design options for your space, and educate you on glass partition installation so that you will know what to expect.

Your design preferences aside, the glazing company worker might give you a few practical tips, like choosing the steel frames plus laminated glass combo for spaces where safety is prioritized, such as schools and other public areas, or installing tinted glass partitions in spaces that receive direct sunlight. The technician will also show you the glass and framing samples to give you an idea of how the partitions will complement your interior.

The company will produce glass partitions taking your requirements into account. Besides the panel size and material selection, these requirements include the placement of windows and doors, as well as door design. As a rule, you can choose between single and double doors, sliding doors, or bi-folding doors.

Step 3. Have the glass partitions installed

Once the glazing company manufactures the frames and glass panels based on the measurements and selected design, technicians will come to install the partitions in your residential or commercial property.

Since the aluminum or steel frames support the glass panels, they are installed first. For this, the installation team might need to level the surfaces and, in case you’re installing the glass partitions following a major redecoration, clear the area of any debris and obstructions. The workers will use brackets, anchors, and other types of fixtures to fasten the frames to the ceiling, walls, and floor.

If you’ve opted for frameless glass partitions, the installation process might get a little trickier. Since no frames hold the glass panels together, the technicians will use a selection of hardware, such as clamps, hinges, and connectors to attach the glass panels to the selected surfaces and fix them vertically.

Otherwise, the glass panels are mounted to the metal frames. To make the partitions water- and sound-proof, the technicians will apply caulk and silicon-based sealants around the edges and in the gaps between the planes and the surfaces they’ve been attached to.

On a side note, the partition installation process might indeed involve some drilling and hammering — especially if you’ve opted for framed partitions. But your glazing company will surely tidy up the space when they’re done. And you can always negotiate the installation schedule in advance to minimize the inconveniences for your neighbors and colleagues.

Step 4. Have the windows and doors installed

The accompanying glass partition elements like doors, windows, and handles are installed separately.

To ensure the whole system functions as expected, the workers will validate that the doors align properly. In the next step, they’ll attach the hinges and other hardware elements to the frames or directly to the glass panels, mount the doors or windows, and test whether they close or fold properly.

Step 5. Inspect the work

Hooray, you’ve made it!

Now you should thoroughly examine the glass partitions, check the doors, ensure that the gaps are properly sealed, and see whether all the elements of the construction fit well and are properly aligned.

Additionally, your glazing system must comply with the specific safety and security standards of your residential or commercial building. Besides visually inspecting the system, you can ask the company to provide the necessary certificates. Should you find any defects, document them and contact the company’s customer support team to arrange fixes.

Take-Home Message

As you can see, installing glass partitions is a lot easier compared to, say, regular windows or doors.

It does not involve cutting into the walls and removing existing fixtures. Subsequently, there’s less dust, debris, and noise.

Your glazing company is bound to clear the area and the glazing system itself when the work is complete.

And, depending on the scope of work, the installation process will only take one to five days (in most cases, it’s one).

However, the success of your renovation endeavor largely depends on your choice of the glass wall company. So, choose wisely!

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