Guide to a Good Laugh: 10 Funny YouTube Videos

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Isn’t it great to have something that makes you laugh all the time? That is why I love to spend time with friends who make funny jokes, tell funny stories, or just explain even the boring things in life funnily. That’s what I need around me: a sense of humor! Not just me; the entire world needs just to chill, right?

Oh, I forgot the pranks! No wonder how much I laugh at them!

Now get ready for the public service because I compiled the funniest and the best YouTube videos to watch! Also these videos have great amount of likes which make it obvious that they are watched and liked. If you are a YouTuber you need to get free YouTube likes from Views4You to make your videos stand out just like these funny videos.

10 Funniest YouTube Videos That Will Make You Burst into Laughing

Hey, friend! If you are on your lunch break, having a hard time, or just a pure viral video lover, real comedy is waiting for you below.

Thanks to this list, you won’t have to spend time searching for funny videos on YouTube. Because the internet’s funniest videos of all time are at your service, enjoy!

1. The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

If you like funny videos of animals, this one is just for you. It is a video of a honey badger recorded as a documentary while the honey badger is randomly doing things.

The funniest part of the video is the voice-over. The fact that it is not in a normal documentary narration form makes this a funny video.

You should watch this video if you want a huge smile while watching this fun guy doing random things.

2. Indoor Plant Serial Killer

Guess what? I am not the only one who kills every single indoor plant she gets.

I burst into laughter whenever I watch it because it is so relatable for me, as my plant-sitting history is not so bright. Oops.

Apparently, YouTuber Natalie Tran is not a green thumb, and she made this funny video in which she shows how she is incapable of succeeding in plant care. If you are also on our side, you should go check out her hilarious humor!

3. Ryan Reynolds ‘ Twin Brother Returns/ Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds is always known for his humorous character, right? This video is proof of it.

In the video, we see him interviewing his -not real- twin brother, played by himself. They talk about the gin brand that Ryan Reynolds bought in 2018. The two opposite characters that Ryan Reynolds plays are enough to make you laugh until tears drop from your eyes.

If you are a fan of him, you would want to watch this fun.

4. Chris Martin Carpool Karaoke

Let’s have the Coldplay fans here because this amazing video will blow your mind.

James Corden’s channel is one of my favorites on YouTube, and this video guarantees to fulfill all your laughing needs.

In the video, James Corden invites Coldplay’s soloist Chris Martin into his car, and they provide an amazing 15-minute comedy experience that you hope not to come to the end. It is so great to see the funny side of Chris Martin, who always looks cool.

You have a chance to listen to them doing karaoke to Coldplay songs! If you have an urgent laughing need, you should watch it now!

5. Substitute Teacher – Key and Peele

Key and Peele is another channel that makes hilarious and funny YouTube videos.

In this video, Key becomes a substitute teacher and cannot pronounce students’ names correctly. This is what this video’s comedy is about. It is so funny that you can’t stop your laughs when you hear him pronouncing names incorrectly.

If you have not met this channel yet, it is a great time to fill in the gaps and start watching their funny videos.

6. Anti-Social – Modern Dating Horror Story

This video makes fun of today’s social media-driven world.

While holding critical elements, the video is a very fulfilling comedy. It shows the story of a woman who starts dating a guy who doesn’t have social media accounts. He doesn’t even use a smartphone!

The way this story is presented is what makes this video a highly funny one. You would regret it if you miss this one. So, if you cannot even imagine not using a smartphone, you should go check out this comedy!

8. Nice Ron

It is a very iconic video in YouTube video history and one of the best videos I’ve ever watched.

The camera is showing six deer in the garden of a house. Whilst the video is being taken, a guy, whom we understand his name is Ron, sneezes. His sneeze is so loud that it frightens the animals, and they suddenly run away. At that moment, we hear the person filming saying, “Nice, Ron!” meaningfully.

That scene is one of the funniest, but at the same time, cutest scenes on the internet so far.

9. 20th Century Fox Flute (Original)

This video is free of words but still has an amazing comedy.

It is a fluted cover of 20th Century Fox’s music. The funny part, which makes me laugh whenever I hear it, is how badly the flute is played. The voice crack, the detonation…

Oh, it’s awful, but it still is one of the most iconic funny YouTube videos of all time.

10. Invisible Danger Prank – TikTok Compilation

This YouTube video is a compilation of funny invisible danger pranks of TikTok.

We see numerous pranks made to frighten the other person. In each clip, one person suddenly screams as if they saw something dangerous. The funny part is that whenever one person screams, the other immediately starts screaming.

If you are a prank fan scrolling down on your YouTube feed, just check all those crazy jokes!

Reasons to Start Watching Funny Videos on YouTube

As a person who is a fan of funny cat videos, dog videos, or other various animals videos, YouTube is a paradise for me as it is a chance to save one’s life in times of boredom.

And let me admit: The article was right; I experienced nearly all the benefits I listed above. So, why don’t you start watching funny YouTube videos now?

It is a great way to;

  • clear your mind when your head is full of thoughts,
  • leave daily concerns away for a while,
  • boost your endorphin.

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