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The quest for beautiful hair is never-ending. It is a continuous work of everyday hair care routines, several trips to the salon, and getting luxury treatments when the budget and time permit. But which treatment is for what?

There are countless hair treatments available, and they even vary according to the salon. With their numbers and sometimes elaborate titles, how would you know what you need for your locks? It is very important that you know and understands what salon treatments are for before sitting on the chair and letting hairdressers get a hand on your hair. It’s one way of avoiding a situation where you need to file hairdressing compensation claims for irreversible damage that can sometimes be caused by miscommunication. Nonetheless, you can get professional help if you end up in that situation.

Scalp scrubs for dry, itchy scalp

Hair health is not just about the strands. It starts from the roots and where they are planted, the scalp. If your scalp is problematic or has issues, expect your hair to be dull and heavy. That’s why salons offer scalp treatments to get rid of flaky patches, excessive oil, dryness, and itchiness. Scalp scrubs and serum applications cover pretty much everything to ensure that hair grows out of healthy tissues and will have enough nourishment to stay bouncy and beautiful.

Hot oil and moisture treatment for dry, damaged hair

Several products can treat dry and damaged hair, bringing back the shine and silky difference. Hot oil and moisture protein are two popular deep conditioning tools that can help fix some of the most common hair problems, including split ends, lack of shine, and dryness. The result is instant. However, how long tresses can sustain the effect of deep conditioning can vary depending on different factors. As a result, hot oil is probably one of the most sought-after treatments that women come back for at least once a week or every two weeks.

Keratin treatment for frizzy hair

A smooth hair free of tangles is beautiful hair. Through the years, several smoothing services have been offered at salons to help women fight frizzy hair and win. So far, Keratin Complex is continuously winning. It had been the treatment of choice even for women who want to break free from their curls and enjoy a smooth difference, sans the use of flat irons and several styling products. It allows women to enjoy soft, shiny, silky, and tangle-free tresses for three to six months. 

Women love coming to salons for their grooming and treatments that help them feel more confident. Apart from the top three mentioned above, there are many other professional hair care services you can avail of, depending on your hair issues and the result you want. A detox treatment, for example, is for women who have used too many styling products and would like to clarify their hair shaft from the build-up. On the other hand, a toning treatment is for those who want to correct their hair color. It is used after the initial coloring appointment and in-betweens as a maintenance routine. Whichever treatment you choose, the goal is always the same — to help one achieve vibrant, healthy, and overall beautiful hair.


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