Have A Better Morning By Waking Up Easier With These Tips?

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Do you, too often wake up feeling groggy and not wanting to leave your bed? Well, who doesn’t from time to time right? While it’s normal to feel a bit rusty in the mornings when you’ve had a heavy night or a busy day the previous day, if it’s a normal occurrence for you to struggle to wake up in the mornings, there may be a problem at hand with your bedroom or your sleep in general.

If you’re regularly struggling to wake up in the mornings, you should reflect upon your sleeping habits and how your bedroom is set up for sleep and waking up. So, we have researched some common issues that may be making it hard for you to drag yourself out of bed in the mornings, read on to find out what you can do to help yourself wake up more easily.

Re-Evaluate Your Sleep Schedule

If you’re struggling to wake up in the mornings, the first thing you should look at is your sleep schedule, maybe your body can’t handle burning the candle at both ends or you’re just flat out not allowing yourself enough sleep at night.

So, look at how long you’re sleeping at night, most adults should get between six and nine hours of sleep a night, so if you’re sleeping for less than that you need to go to sleep earlier, or if you’re sleeping longer than that, you may struggle to wake up because you’re over-sleeping every day.

Un-Blackout Your Bedroom In The Morning

Blackout blinds are a lifesaver if you struggle to fall asleep, as they block out all light from outside and create a nice dark environment that is ideal for falling asleep. However, this can be a double-edged sword come morning, if you wake up in a dark room, you’re more likely to want to go back to sleep, rather than wake up when your alarm rings.

You don’t want to give up your bedroom’s blackout blinds, without them, you’ll struggle to sleep and only change the problem, rather than fix it. But a good solution is to use electric blackout blinds in your bedroom, these will help as you can remotely open the blinds in the morning to let the light in to help you wake up and prevent you from falling back asleep in the mornings.

Swap Alarm Noises For Music

In this modern age, most of us use alarms on our smartphones to help rouse us in the morning, which is good as everyone has convenient access to an alarm. But did you know your alarm tone may be making you more groggy in the morning times?

Well, your phone’s standard alarm noise more than likely inspires a bit of anxiety in you when it rings out in the morning, shaking you awake out of your slumber, this can actually leave you in a groggy daze as your brain is confused. But research shows that simply swapping your alarm tone for a feel-good song is more effective at waking you up in a good, positive mood rather than waking you up in a confused and sleepy daze.

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