Heading Back to The Office? Here’s How to Dress for It

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After two years stuck at home, offices are finally opening again. While some major companies have delayed the return to the office, the time has finally come for most of us to suit up again and head to work.

But after working from home in our most comfortable PJs for so long, it can be hard to figure out what qualifies as appropriate modern office attire.

While thinking about what to wear in your familiar but also new work environment can be difficult, we’re here to help you out. In this article, we’re going through the ideal menswear for the modern office. We’re looking at the best tops, bottoms, shoes, sweaters, and jackets for returning to the office, so you don’t have to think about outfits yourself.

Read on to learn more.


When it comes to what tops or shirts to wear at the office, it all depends on the office dress code. If you live in a less-strict office that allows regular T-shirts, then you can’t go wrong with the plain white shirt. This goes with just about any outfit and is one of the safest bets.

But if shirts that casual aren’t appropriate for your office, we recommend getting a regular button-down Oxford shirt. Again, white is the safest color option here, but don’t be afraid to express yourself and get a nicely colored button-down shirt for your office needs.

Dress shirts might be a bit too formal for the office so a regular Oxford shirt would be fine. But if you want to warm things up, you can also opt for the classic short-sleeved polo shirt in a design and pattern that reflects your personality!

Choosing the right office shirt can be hard, but Fresh Clean Threads offers a great selection of comfortable and stylish shirts at a fair price. So, click here to head to a great one-stop shop for all your office and non-office shirt needs.


When it comes to pants, jeans aren’t usually a good pick for the office. For the office, we usually recommend wearing a nice pair of dress pants to work. These are comfortable and stylish pants that are designed for formal events. But despite their formal look, you can easily wear them with a more casual shirt for a more laid-back look.

Another good option is the Khaki, which are easy to incorporate into your next work outfit with polo shirts, loafers, and a leather belt.  However, at times, it can be hard to style khakis properly for the workplace. Luckily, you can always swap it for a pair of elegant dress pants that go with everything.


For shoes, a great go-to option is the Oxford shoe. These are timeless classics that can go with both casual and formal attire. They aren’t as fancy or loud as Brogues, but they are definitely more formal and professional than a pair of trainers.

Another good option would be the loafer. These are very comfortable while still offering that professional look. And if you want to kick it up another level, you can even wear a nice pair of Chelsea boots to work, which can help strike a balance between utilitarian, stylish, and formal.


The safest work sweater is the crewneck. This is because you can wear it over a polo shirt, a button-down, and even a regular T-shirt. This is a men’s wardrobe essential, and if you’re pressed when figuring out what jacket to wear to work, this is a great option.


For the jackets, we only recommend wearing a sportscoat or a nice blazer to work. Other jackets may seem a bit too “casual” for the workplace, especially if your office has a strict dress code.


Heading back to the office can be anxiety-inducing. But knowing what you’re going to wear is a great way of easing the load. And now that you have an idea of what outfits would be the best fit for your first visit to the office in years, it’ll be much easier to step inside and get the job done!

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