Healthy Living: How to Get Yourself Out of Life’s “Rinse and Repeat” Mode

by Staff

Life can produce a good bit of monotony from time to time. And this can weigh you down after too much time spent without variety or spontaneity. But, fortunately, there are many ways around dealing with burnout caused by life’s everyday grind.

You probably know the drill: You wake up, jump in the shower, brush your teeth and get dressed. Then you might have breakfast (or skip it), then it’s off to work where you do the same thing for 8 to 12 hours. Then you come home, watch the news, and go to sleep only to wake up at the same time the next morning and do the whole thing all over again. 

This is known as the dreaded “rinse and repeat” cycle of everyday life. And it can cause burnout, which can ultimately, lead to depression if left unchecked. 

Here, we’ll detail a few ways you can deal with this mundane cycle, and get a little spice back in your life.

Take a Road Trip

The next time you have a 3-day weekend, or if you have a little vacation time set aside, take a few days and go on a long road trip. 

A road trip has a way of allowing you to clear your mind while seeing the countryside and visiting someplace new. And even if you don’t want to go far, you can still travel a few hours away and get the same benefits. 

On a road trip, you’ll be able to do a little self-reflection and introspection, and this can work wonders for you especially if you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again for months on end. 

Just be cautious when you travel. Accidents can happen anywhere, even in somewhere as pleasant as Kansas. So make sure you’re safe on the road otherwise you’ll be calling a Kansas City auto accident lawyer during your visit.

Start Being Spontaneous 

We, humans, are creatures of habit, and rightfully so. Long ago in prehistoric times, our human ancestors were able to learn that what was predictable was ultimately safe. Unpredictability meant that things were unsafe. This basic survival instinct is still at work today, and though we no longer have to wrestle a giant lizard for food, we do feel more comfortable and at ease when we’re in a predictable environment.

Today, a routine is something that everyone ultimately utilizes. But a routine, though safe and predictable, can ultimately wear you down.

We humans also require stimulation. This is evident from infancy, as all babies would ultimately not develop properly, or die, without some sort of touch and stimulation. As such, it becomes necessary for us to vary our routines from time to time in order to stimulate ourselves just to feel alive.

Take a new route to work, go to a new place for lunch, or try a group activity after work. No matter what it is, just make sure it’s out of your routine, and you’ll begin to feel the benefits. 


A large part of being healthy comes from our ability to deal with stress and anxiety. If you cannot properly deal with stress and anxiety, depression will sink in. One way to combat this is through a daily meditation exercise.

Meditation focuses the mind and has been scientifically proven to have significant health benefits when performed regularly. 

And the great thing about meditation is that there are no right or wrong ways to do it. Essentially, everyone is a beginner, and while one technique might work for some, it might not be the right one for you.

Try a few different approaches to meditation, and choose the method that works the best for you. Just remember to stick to it, and you’ll begin to feel much better about yourself and about life. 

Burnout happens to us all, and it’s only through action and deliberate intention that we can get out of the doldrums of life and back into feeling alive. All it takes is a little initiative and willpower, and you’ll be back in the swing of things in no time at all.

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