Historic Franklin, TN Is Home To Churches, Schools, and Businesses That Offer a Fresh Perspective

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Franklin, TN has a great historical significance. The site where one of the nastiest battles of the Civil War took place is here. Then there are museums, churches, and incredible old houses. For all of these, Franklin attracts thousands of tourists every year. 


This city is also home to Gothic-style buildings, modern churches such as the generationschurch.co/, schools and businesses that offer a fresh perspective of how life is turning out for many Franklin-ers. 


Today, Franklin has the fame of being a city that is filled with romance, charm and unique beauty. In the past, this city was a little laid back, and like most cities with a rich history, it exudes a conservative charm. This is why, today, it is a destination of choice for many people.  

An incredible fusion of the past and the modern

In the city of Franklin, the past and the present come together beautifully. This city has a lot of architecture from the past. It also has a lot of contemporary designs. Many new constructions have been coming up. 


Franklin, and other places in Tennessee, have a cost of living that is lower than the national average. A big percentage of the population own their homes. 


Cities that have more homeowners than renters have a sense of permanency about them. This is why Franklin is so friendly and fun, making it a family friendly city to live in. 


In general, the state of Tennessee offers something for everyone. They have a thriving economy, jobs, and the taxes low. 


People who want big city action choose to live in Nashville. However, Franklin is not too far away. You can drive to Nashville daily, if you like.

An outstanding church culture

Research shows that in the entire world, Nashville, and in effect, Franklin (it is only 20 miles away), has the highest number of church going people per capita


There are contemporary, and older, gothic-style churches in Franklin. Some of the top churches in this city are:


Generations Church – This is a non-denominational church that teaches the message of Christ through relevant messages, and contemporary Christian music to encourage people. The people are very friendly and anyone is welcome to fellowship there. 


St. Paul’s Episcopal Church – This church is listed among the top 20 things to do and see in Franklin, TN. It is open every day, but unless you are attending a service, it is better to time your visit to the time between services. You will love the stained-glass work, the old pews and the sense of history and nostalgia that this church evokes. Built before the Civil War, it did serve as a hospital during the war. 


Church of The City – This is a Baptist Church that is mostly known for its Kid City that teaches children about Christ in a very fun and friendly way. This church believes in letting the Holy Spirit guide them. If you believe the same, this is the place to be. The members are incredible, as is the senior pastor, Dr. Darren Whitehead. 

Thriving business scene in Franklin

One of the most common questions on the web today is: Why are businesses moving to towns and cities in Williamson County? 


CEOs of the businesses that are moving to Franklin cite many reasons for making this choice. 


Among these are:

  • Low taxes
  • Low cost of living
  • Highly valued public schools
  • Business-friendly atmosphere
  • A lot of class A office space is available
  • Large pool of talent and skill


61 percent of the people in Williamson County have a bachelor’s degree. In addition, there are many shared social and family values, which bind people together. All the values that a CEO would be looking in a person who wants to work in his company are right here. 


Among the businesses that call Franklin home include Cumberland, Nissan, Ancient Nutrition, CKE Restaurants Holdings, Healthspring, Inc., Community Health Systems, and Latitude 36 to name but a few. 

Thriving public and private schools

The public school scene in Franklin is very good, just like the rest of Williamson County. There are many thriving private schools, including Christian schools, if that is what you want for your children. 


Clovercroft Elementary School is a highly regarded public school that scores high averages in math and reading. Oak View Elementary School, Walnut Grove Elementary School, Pearre Creek Elementary, and Trinity Elementary follow in that order. 


The Franklin private school scene has Montgomery Bell Academy, Harpeth Hall School, Overbrook Catholic School, Battle Ground Academy, Brentwood Academy, and Lipscomb Academy to name but a few. 


You would be forgiven to think that a city cannot get lucky enough to have the perfect location, low taxes, good job market and a rich, social culture. 


But Franklin has all of these, and an incredible charm to boot. Known as a city of history, there is also a thriving business scene, churches come in their numbers, and public and private schools are thriving. 


With most of the people here being churchgoers, the church has been able to impart many of the Christian values to create a socially, morally, and relationally healthy community.

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