How Can You Prevent Back Pain While Weight Lifting?

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If you are going to start weightlifting then soon you will start some heavy lifting after your initial training session. By now you will learn how to bend your knees so that you can lift easily. However, you also need to learn how to keep your back straight while lifting.

Begin with a Neutral Spine

The most common injuries take place in the spine, knees, and shoulders. The easiest way of finding your neutral spine position will be to:

  • Stand tall by keeping your back against the wall.
  • Touch the wall by using your head, tailbone, and upper back.
  • By keeping all 3 touch points against the wall ensure that you can fit your fingers between your lower back and the wall.

Follow safety during squats, deadlifts. 

Following are safety tips to avoid the ache:


Mostly they will target your lower back, hamstrings, glutes, and quadriceps muscles. Also, can involve your shoulders, calves, and core.

During this exercise, you must avoid rounding your lower back. Keep the chest up and bend the knees. Reach back by using your glutes, like sitting in a chair.


Keep the lower back neutral by keeping the bar close to you, for strengthening the muscles around your spines. To hinge the hip, bend forward by keeping the spine in a neutral position. Try to touch the glutes and lift your chest. You may also learn a few tips online too by visiting resources such as Torokhtiy. Let us share a few tips for weight lifting to prevent any back pain.

CrossFit Tips

CrossFit can help you to stay active and that you may not experience in a traditional gym routine. However, a few movements may feel a little unfamiliar. Be alert in the starting. To obtain the best results, you must start light and ask the coach to guide you.

Most CrossFit classes are conducted in group sessions, so enough individual attention may be missing.

Following are a few basic tips to follow to avoid any back pain while doing:

The clean

Complete this exercise by thinking of it as a combination of a deadlift and a squat. Following way you can do it safely:

  • Bring the bar to hip/thigh level to perform a deadlift.
  • Push the bar away from the hips and by using arms flip the bar upwards.
  • Assume a speedy squat for catching the bar on your shoulders to rest there and stand tall.
  • Maintain a neutral spine throughout this movement.

The jerk

While doing the jerk you may start relying more on your shoulders or arms or shoulders for driving the bar overhead.

Following are the safe method of doing the jerk:

  • For getting the bar up from your shoulders, try to use hips to drive your bar up with a mini-explosive squat movement called a dip.
  • For getting the bar over the head, use your legs and then arms for guiding the bar up, as you quickly squat down.
  • Avoid overarching your lower back and stand tall after the bar is in the overhead position.

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