How to Cut Boys Hair with Clippers for the First Time

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Parenting is made up of a series of “letting go” moments. One such moment is the first haircut. Your baby’s hair has already grown quite a bit and you feel a trim is on the cards.

You may just admire the baby curls that look rather disheveled, but deep down you know that it’s time for your son to look the part of the big boy he is becoming.

From what we’ve seen from most parents, their first boy’s haircut is always a nightmare. First, the boy can be scared or not interested. Secondly, they are worried if their son will look good.

To help make it easier, here are a few tips to consider to make sure both the experience and the results are something both of you shall cherish forever.


For the first haircut, the motto should be, “prepare, prepare, prepare”. I insist, prepare. Otherwise, you may not finish the first day and the next haircut will be worse. Here is how:

  • Acquire the right supplies and gear

Have you acquired all the necessary supplies and tools for the trimming? A barber is as good as their tools. Here, the most important tool is a hair clipper.

Find a hair clipper that’s easy to use yet powerful enough to effortlessly glide through all types of hair. Investing in the right hair clippers for home use is critical to getting a nice haircut that will make your boy yearn to repeat. This will save you time and money spent taking him to a barber any time that the hair demands.

If you don’t know where to start when buying a hair clipper, check out this guide on how to pick a hair clipper.

Some of the other supplies you may consider include; a spraying bottle, comb, high chair, or booster seat, and cape.

Prepare Him Psychologically

The first haircut isn’t always fun. They can easily get scared of the vibrations or get emotional when they see their hair being cut. The trick here is to get him psychologically and emotionally prepared.

You may use some tricks to prepare him psychologically for a smooth shaving exercise. For example, shaving others in his presence will make the small boy also desire to have his hair cut.

You can also demonstrate that clippers don’t hurt by running them across your palm. Also, make him understand shaving is a big deal towards growing up. Encouragement and compliments of a good look after a shave from loved ones is also a great way to prepare his mind.

Start discussing his first haircut with him a week earlier. Also, watch together videos of kids getting a haircut on YouTube.

Keep him busy

The most challenging task you will face is to make the kid sit still throughout the whole period. The trick here is to look for distractors that will keep him busy as the shaving goes on. This will assure you of a haircut without trouble.

You may offer a snack, provide play items- such as clipper accessories, a mirror, or compose a haircut song that you sing together. You can as well have someone else with you to engage him by talking to him or let him watch his favorite cartoon show.

Boys tend to prefer a short or layered cut, which makes clipping boys a little difficult. To make it easier, start with a clipper with longer guards especially if you are new to the haircut.

Longer guards provide space to rectify a mistake and imperfect blending, unlike the shorter one that requires precision.

Additionally, always use a moderate shaving pace as this will make you avoid overcutting, or worse snip the ear lobes if you rush through, but not too slow to make the boy get bored.

Start with a style you like. However, it is important to let the boy choose time, place, and style if he is able. This will make him more cooperative as you clip. Here’s the quick rundown for you.

Step 1. Side Clipping

Start by clipping the sides, moving from bottom to top. It is advisable that you use the number 4 guard, depending on the size of the hair you want. Start at the nape of the neck and go all the way around, up to where his head starts to curve at the crown.

Step 2. Top Clipping

Using a longer guard with your clipper, trim to the desired length on both sides. Repeat this until it looks how you want it. Also ensure that you trim up the transition sections between sides and top, ensuring a smooth transition from the short sides to the longer hair on top. A hair taper for a smooth finish would be ideal.

Step 3. Trimming

This is probably going to be the most challenging part of the clipping since the contact of the blade with the bobby is at the highest, and no guard would be used.  Start by trimming the nape of his neck and the slope down from the ears, and put your desired neckline.

Step 4. Cleaning

Clean the boy well removing all itchy hair that would have fallen on his neck. Clean and oil the clipper.

You are done, and the young man looks great! A call to grandma or their other siblings would do magic to lift up his spirit.  Don’t forget to take a picture together. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it’s what makes parenting memories.


You are your boy’s best barber. The bottom line, keep it simple and enjoy the journey. You will become better with time.

Photos by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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