How To Earn $1,000 A Month In New Jersey

by Allen Brown

Finding a nice side-hustle in New Jersey can be challenging at times. Especially if you already have a 9 to 5 job and you don’t want to invest too much time and effort.

Keeping in mind that the cost of living is always increasing lately, how can you afford to go on vacation when the summer comes?

A few months ago a new platform launched in the US that allows you to make up to $1,000 a month from New Jersey. All you need is a few free hours per week, a laptop and a good Internet connection. It’s the perfect side hustle for university students, housewives or anyone looking to make an extra income online.

Does ring a bell? Have you ever heard of Matched Betting before?

What is Matched Betting? is the world’s largest and most trusted Matched Betting platform, with over 10,000 members in 28 countries worldwide.

In essence, Matched Betting is a mathematical technique that allows you to make a profit by taking advantage of the bonuses offered by online bookmakers without taking any risk associated with gambling. The technique was first started in the UK and soon after was introduced to other countries around Europe, Latin America and now finally to the US thanks to NinjaBet. is currently available in several states in the US, including New Jersey, New York, Illinois and Arizona among others.

The process is quite simple. Bookmaker A gives a $100 bonus if you deposit and bet $100 of your own money on their site. In this example, we will say that the bookmaker asks you to bet your deposit once, and then place a second bet using the bonus they offered. With the detailed guides and tutorials of NinjaBet, after placing the second bet, you are able to withdraw a guaranteed profit.

If you are betting traditionally, you will place both bets on some random sports event without giving too much thought – perhaps you will bet on your favorite team or the team with the black t-shirts etc. If you correctly predict the future, you will win. If not, you will lose. This is what 99% of people do with their bonuses.

Instead of taking risks, however, you can choose to be smart and do Matched Betting instead. In which case, you will not just place a single bet with the bookie, but you will place an additional opposite bet on the same event with another bookie. Yes, you will not make a profit from doing this, but you will meet the condition to receive the free bonus and cancel out any risk associated with the traditional single bet. When you bet on opposite outcomes, you hardly make a dime, but the fundamental point here is that you will not lose either. Once you use the bonus in a bet and you place an opposite bet again – Congrats – the remaining balance is your newly earned profit.

Too good to be true?

Does it sound like that? It shouldn’t. will help you with everything along the way.

  • Video guides – to explain the key concepts.
  • Step-by-step tutorials – to highlight every phase of the process.
  • Odds comparison tools – to quickly find the best games with opposing odds.
  • Calculation tools – to help you with the math along the way.

Matched Betting is not a method that will make you a millionaire as the number of the available bonuses are limited. Nevertheless, this is a great way to supplement your income each month while the opportunity is still available.

The great thing is that you can register a Free account with and test it for yourself and make a $100 before making any commitments. Once you complete the first free offer, you will see for yourself if Matched Betting is really for you. Then, with the Premium plan you can expect to earn up to $1,000 per month.

Ready to jump on board?

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