How to Evaluate IPL Hair Removal Promotions and Save Money

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The amount of body and facial hair for a woman depends on heredity, lifestyle, diet and other factors. Having facial and body hair is not socially acceptable for women in many places, adversely affecting the personal and professional life of the woman. While some women do not have any facial hair or it is not noticeable, other women have thick facial hair. While these women may use conventional hair removal methods like shaving, waxing and depilatory creams, the hair will usually grow back after some time, and in some cases, it will be thicker, and even more noticeable. Some hair removal methods like waxing are also very painful.

Permanent solution

So women who are tired of spending time regularly removing their facial and other hair which has grown back, are interested in finding out if there is any permanent hair removal method. Intense Pulse light (IPL) and laser hair removal are some of the more popular hair removal methods which are advertised as preventing hair growth permanently. Hair grows from the hair follicles, and IPL is used to destroy the follicles so that hair does not grow from the follicle in future. However, IPL treatment for hair removal is expensive, so many women are interested in finding out if there is any IPL promotion in Singapore that they can avail of to save money.


The pricing for hair removal depends on a number of factors like the thickness or density of the hair, hair color, skin colour, and the area which is being treated. If a larger area is being treated to remove all the hair, the cost of hair removal will be higher. It is also advisable to check the technology that the salon is using and whether there are any side effects. The salons offering hair removal services are aware that most women, especially younger women, may not be able to afford IPL or laser hair removal for larger areas. These young women may also not be willing to take the risk of investing a large amount of money when they are not sure of how effective the laser or IPL treatment is in removing the hair.


Realising that most young women are more likely to try their services if they offer a free trial or have promotional offers, some salons are now offering packages for hair removal from small areas of the face and body. Many women have some hair on their upper lip, and some women wish to get rid of their underarm hair, especially if they wish to wear sleeveless dresses or other similar clothes. Hence many hair removal service providers are offering hair removal from the upper lip or under the arm at a promotional price. Typically the promotional offer is priced at $100 or less and free treatment for the entire year. Singapore is celebrating its national day on August 9, and many beauty salons have promotional offers or sales for this occasion. They are also offering other free items like mask holders for all their clients who avail of the promotional hair removal treatment.

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