How to Find Under-Valued Art to Invest In

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A popular place to admire and explore hundreds of art pieces is an art gallery. However, hundreds of pieces of art go unnoticed and undervalued. But why is this? You may find that when you attend an art gallery, certain paintings or sculptures don’t get as much recognition as they deserve.

This can be down to numerous reasons such as the art isn’t catching the attention of many people or it simply doesn’t make sense. When people invest in art, they want to understand and connect with the paintings and if they don’t, they will be less likely to make an investment.

Another huge factor of why some pieces of artwork are more undervalued than others is due to the owner. For example, if a piece of art was previously owned by a celebrity, then it will most certainly go up in value.

Moreover, some pieces of art simply don’t get enough recognition. Although certain types of artwork may not be some people’s cup of tea, it doesn’t mean it isn’t yours. Who knows, you might actually really like certain pieces of art whereas others may not. But how exactly can you find undervalued art to invest in? Read on to find out!

Attend Art Auctions

An auction is a public sale of various products in which they are sold to the highest bidder. In terms of art, an auction is a public event available for anyone to attend to bid on different types of artworks that are on sale.

Art auctions are the perfect place to invest in undervalued pieces of art as products sell quickly at a good price. Selling art at an auction exposes a variety of different people to a range of artwork all at once, therefore, increasing the chances of sales.

You are likely to find undervalued pieces of art in an art auction as it is a good way to help pieces of art find their market value. Many types of artists sell their work in art galleries or art auctions, it really all comes down to personal preference.

Undervalued art is artwork that isn’t appreciated enough by potential buyers. Some examples of undervalued art could be art that has been designed by small upcoming artists. Many people don’t buy from artists that they haven’t heard of before as they would rather invest in art from named artists such as Banksy.

Visit Art Galleries

Art galleries are another popular place to invest in art as there is a wide range of art pieces. There are many ways to spot undervalued art pieces at an art gallery. For example, if you see a piece of art with little to no attention, then that piece of art is more likely to be undervalued compared to the others.

The most undervalued form of art (believe it or not) is street art and art created by unpopular artists. All artists should have the opportunity to generate sales from their art pieces which is why it is ideal to value all pieces of art no matter the design or artist.

Grove Gallery in London is home to an independent art advisory service which works by building private art collections and sourcing secondary market pieces. This is all done under the guidance of our experienced art experts.

The London art gallery is open to everybody and we exhibit artwork from popular artists such as Andy Warhol, Banksy, Harland Miller, Lauren Baker and much more! So, if you are looking for somewhere to invest in art then Grove Gallery is the solution for you!

Explore Art Fairs

Another great way to find undervalued art is by attending art fairs. An art fair is an excellent way to showcase a wide range of artwork to a large audience. This is a huge step for independent artists that are ready to take the next step in their career.

Art galleries are another great way to find undervalued art pieces to invest in. There are many aspects that make artwork valuable such as:

  • Authenticy
  • Provenance (previous owners)
  • Condition
  • Popularity

So, if you were to find undervalued artwork either in an art fair, art gallery or auction, then it is most likely due to one of these reasons. You can spot undervalued artwork if there aren’t many people admiring the work or if you are unsure of who the artist is.

This is because people like to buy well-known pieces of art created by popular artists such as Banksy or Vincent Van Gogh. So, keep a look out for the undervalued pieces of art next time you visit an art gallery or art fair. You never know, you might like it!

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