How to get more views on your Instagram stories

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media that have helped in introducing content creators to the world. This social media provides its users with many helpful features. These tools can help you reach more exposure through efficient engagement. One of these Instagram tools that have proven to increase the engagement rate is Instagram stories. Instagram provides its users with a 24-hour post that should supposedly include your “story” for the day. Instagram stories are what trigger people’s curiosity. Therefore, using stories correctly can help you increase engagement. You can keep your audience interested and get more views on your Instagram stories through these simple steps:

  • Find Out What Others Are Posting On Their Stories:

This step is more or less mandatory depending on your niche of expertise. If you are an actor, this may seem irrelevant to a certain point. But if you are an artist, musician, rapper, painter, dancer, gamer, boxer, etc… this is important. Finding out what others are posting on their stories can help you figure out the latest trends. This will make you direct your content in a timely relevant way. Do your research when making the content of your stories. For instance, look for trending music that might go with your stories’ content. If you want to excel in what you do, you have to keep track of what’s happening in your area of expertise and fame. Luckily, if you are afraid to be seen by a rival content creator as a stalker, you can view his/her story anonymously. There are certain apps on the internet that allow you to view Instagram stories anonymously. Now, after knowing this, there is nothing to stop you from doing your thorough research.

  • Tag Your Location:

Tagging your location can be very beneficial for business owners such as coffee shops and restaurants. Adding to this, it can be also helpful if you are an independent artist or a content creator. Location tags have proven to increase views in a story. It also targets new audiences of that particular tagged location. Sometimes, Instagram users look up a certain location in the Instagram search bar. Among the stories and posts, or accounts that will appear in the search results is your story. Tagging your location can also be helpful for engagement. It will simply let your followers know where you are! And that will keep them interested in what you do.

  • Make Story Highlights:

When people click on your account, they find your profile picture, your bio, your story highlights, and then your posts. Story highlights are the stories that most seem important to you. This is a very interesting Instagram feature for your hard fans. What seems important to you, is important to your followers. Highlighting stories is like saving them for people who didn’t view them yet and for the people who want to view them again. This is an efficient feature that you should not hesitate to use. Highlight and organize your dearest sharable moments and memories with your followers.

  • Use The Right Hashtags:

Hashtags are of of the most algorithmic features that you can take advantage of. Not only your Instagram posts should contain hashtags, your stories as well can have hashtags. If you want more exposure and more visibility rate, you need to use the right hashtag for each of your stories. Hashtags should be relevant to your story, and your story should be relevant to the trending hashtags. By that, you can guarantee that your story will get more views. What is cool about using story hashtags is that you can hide them by dragging them down or up until they no longer appear!

  • Do Polls:

Polls are great engagement tools for Instagram artists and business owners. This feature ensures that you value your follower’s opinions, which will leave a positive impact on how they perceive you. Polls can increase your engagement rate since it triggers your followers’ attention to be a part of your decision. Not only that, the people who participate in the polls will be expecting the results or decisions taken by you later. With polls, you can discover your follower’s interests, you will catch their attention, and you can work with your followers’ feedback to better your content.

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