How to Grow Different Strains of Cannabis From Seed

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Seasoned cannabis growers know that there are two different ways to start plants: cutting clones or germinating seeds. Most prefer the latter because it’s a better way to ensure genetic viability while still getting plants that are true to type. Plus, growing marijuana plants from seed is relatively easy once people learn the basics.

The Importance of Starting With High-Quality Seeds

Before moving on to talk about different strains, it’s worth taking a moment to discuss the basics. No matter what strains of marijuana someone wants to grow, it’s essential to source the seeds from a reputable cannabis seed supplier. To wind up with healthy, high-yield plants, even the best growers need to start with quality seeds, and buying from a seed bank is the only way to guarantee seeds will grow into plants that are both true to type and hearty.

Strain Selection

Novice growers usually start out with just one strain of marijuana per garden or grow room, but it’s common for people to start branching out quickly once they get the basics down. The good news is that it’s perfectly possible to grow multiple strains together in the same room or garden and still give all of them the right inputs to produce amazing overall yields. Selecting the right strains is the key to making sure the season will go well, so before purchasing seeds, take into consideration the following key factors about each strain.

  • Plant height
  • Bloom time
  • Light needs
  • Nutrient requirements
  • Soil drainage requirements

Every strain has different tendencies when it comes to height and growth speed. Attempting to grow two strains of marijuana that have very different estimated times to flowering, for example, can be a disaster waiting to happen. Some of the plants will move into the flowering stage early, which can cause dramatic reductions in yield.

Seed Starting 101

Once growers have done their research and picked a few strains that will require the same nutrients, lighting schedule, and soil requirements, it’s time to start those seeds. While it’s rare for growers to start out the first season with many different strains in the same grow room or garden, it’s not unheard of. Every strain of marijuana starts out looking the same, though, and all seeds need to be germinated before they are planted.

The easiest way to germinate marijuana seeds is to use the paper towel method. Start with three to four layers of paper towels on a plate. Since there will be multiple strains, it’s always wise to use a sharpie and write down which seeds belong to each one. Otherwise, it will be difficult to tell the difference until the plants have been in the vegetative stage for at least a few weeks.

Next, add enough water to the paper towel to saturate it without leaving pools on the plate, then put down the seeds. Add a single piece of moist paper towel, then place the second plate on top. If the whole setup is left in a warm, dark place, the seeds should begin to germinate within three to seven days. When they have begun to develop taproots, it’s time to move them into the soil.

There’s No Better Time to Start Researching Than Now

Whether growers plan to start outdoor gardens or cultivate their marijuana indoors, it takes time to decide which strains to use and where to place them. Start studying up now before placing orders for seeds.

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