How to Make More than Minimum Wage as a Student

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Surviving on allowances and minimum wages can get frustrating while leading a student life, especially when you want to splurge some money on the weekends and all you afford are house essentials.

There are plenty of ways you can earn more money, which you could either use to make your life more convenient or just use for investments and savings. Here are a few ways you can make more than a minimum wage as a student.

Find Freelancing Jobs

As a student, working jobs that are during specific hours can get difficult. Freelancing provides an alternative solution, with flexible hours that are project-based. You could freelance as almost anything, right from a graphic designer or content writer, to a tutor, babysitter or even a gardener.

Find something you would be interested in doing and which wouldn’t consume so much of your energy that you don’t have any left for studying.

Moreover, in the digital age today, many businesses opt for freelancers. So if you are someone who has the skills to complete a task and meet the necessary standards, you should be able to make good money from it. Set your working hours and pay with clients to ensure you aren’t cheated at the end of the project.

Free Essay Examples on Minimum Wage

As a freelancing student, it’s a good idea to impress your teachers with an essay on minimum wages. As a student, knowing how to write essays can be a big advantage. Rich and detailed essays can help you get good grades in your class and help you stand out.

If you want to impress your teachers and get an A on every essay, you’ll need to practice writing good essays. You can read through minimum wage essay samples online on Writing Bros to know exactly what you would need to write a good essay yourself. There are essay samples on various topics, giving you a template and pointers to follow to write an essay that stands out and boosts your education grades.

Find jobs on campus

Many campuses have on-campus placements for students during academic years. But if you don’t, there’s always something you can do. Look for any funded research projects to work in or competitions you could participate in. For more paying jobs, you could visit the college libraries or cafeteria to see if you could work part-time. You could also help classmates with their assignments in return for monetary help.

However, you want to ensure you’re not cheated while looking for non-conventional jobs. Your work will have some value that you can monetize. Reach an agreement with the other person to avoid any complications in the future.

Do a paid internship

If you plan to develop your skills before you jump into the freelancing arena, internships can be beneficial. If you have no experience to showcase, you might not be paid for the initial months until you’re good at your job. After that, you can ask for money in return for your work.

If you’re already someone who has some work experience or skilled at whatever the job demands, opt for paid internships. You can find several websites that can connect you to businesses and people looking for interns. Discuss the details of your working hours and pay before signing up for anything. Plan your time to efficiently juggle work and academics, along with some time to relax.

Don’t jump from job to job

Earning the trust and confidence of your employer takes time. So if you’re working fixed hours, you want to think twice before applying. Can you give the necessary time to that job? Will it hamper your education in any way?

Finding well-paying jobs can be difficult and all the more when you are reluctant to stick to one job. Find a job and focus on developing your rhythm in that work environment. Learn how that organization works and align yourself with that flow.

Not only that, as you continue working, you can also expect higher pay as you continue becoming a more valuable employee. But if you were to move to another job, you will have to work your way up again.


Working as a student can help you get into the flow of working even before you pass out and start working in the industry. Moreover, it can help pay for things you couldn’t normally afford through your minimum wage or even help save and invest. At the end of the day, not only are you earning more money, but you’re also getting work experience, something your future employees will find very valuable.

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Michael Turner works as a financial advisor for a private-sector loan company and his area of work is personal and auto loans. He’s a very good academic writer as well and covers finance and accounting subjects. In his free time, he loves to play board games, go skiing and try DIY woodworks.

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