How to Operate with Value Bets?

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Popularity of value bets grows every day among professional bettors who want to make money on sports betting. The main reason is the extraordinary efficiency of this betting system.


In this article, you will learn what this betting strategy is and how to work with it most effectively to get tangible additional income.


What are value bets?


Value bets are bets on events, the odds for which were set incorrectly (overestimated) by the bookmaker. There can be several reasons for this, and here are the main ones:


  • competition between bookmakers for customers;
  • incorrect analysis of the probability of outcomes due to the huge number of existing sporting events;
  • errors in the bookmaker’s line.


The presence of such value odds allows the bettor to gain an advantage over the bookmaker because he places valuebet on event that have a greater chance to win than the bookie’s team thinks.


Of course, there is a possibility of losing individual bets while working with this strategy, but bettor always remains in the black in the long run (it has been proven by thousands of pro bettors from all over the world).


How to search for overestimated odds?


You can definitely search for overrated odds in bookmakers by your own, but this is very time-consuming and not the easiest process. Therefore, now more and more players trust the search for value to special value bet scanners.


The principle of work of such services is to collect data from the lines of a large number of bookmakers, followed by an analysis of the information received for the presence of overestimated odds.


Next, the scanner structures the collected data and provides its clients with a list of existing value outcomes. You just need only to choose the most suitable outcome and go to the bookmaker’s website to place a bet.


Nowadays the most popular and reliable value bet scanner is BetWasp. This service analyzes data from lines from more than 40 US and CA bookmakers and finds the most profitable variants for you to bet.


What are the other pros of value bet services?


In addition to the value bets, the aforementioned BetWasp service provides its customers with information about surebets, which are also very popular among professional players and allow you to get guaranteed income on betting. You can read about surebets in detail at BetWasp website


It is noteworthy that both tools are available in one united subscription, which means that you will have even more opportunities to earn money. In addition, users of the service always have extensive functionality at their disposal.


For example, filtering the list of surebets and values by all necessary parameters (profitability, bookmakers, sports, match start time, etc.), a convenient calculator for instant surebets and value bets calculation, accounting for save bets etc.


All the data is provided by the service both in prematch and live mode. Prematch – are the events that will start after a while. Live – are the events that are currently taking place. This means that you will always have many betting opportunities at your disposal.


Let’s summarize


Value bets can bring tangible income over a long distance – you just need to choose the right scanner and bookmakers for working with + learn all the necessary theoretical materials about this betting strategy.

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