How to Prepare Your House for Sale: 5 Important Steps

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As of November 2021, the average home in the U.S. stayed on the market for 22 days. The time can vary depending on location and the home’s condition. You shouldn’t let the latter lengthen the time your house takes to sell.

You could take several steps to prepare your house for sale to make it sell more quickly. Here are the five key steps to help you sell your home within a few days.

  1. Depersonalize the House

Neutralizing your house is one of the best ways to sell your home quickly. Start by packing all your family photographs, heirlooms, souvenirs, and personal objects. Removing these objects will help the buyer imagine the house decorated with their things.

Do not forget to depersonalize the exterior by boxing everything unrelated to landscaping. It could be Christmas lights, bins, or hobby objects lying in your yard.

  1. Perform Repairs

Most cash offer companies will buy your house “as is,” meaning you don’t have to worry about repairs. These companies are ideal when you want to sell your house fast for cash.

However, in typical markets, you have to repair your home for it to sell. Noticeable problems like squeaking doors, cracked counter tiles, and leaky faucets could lower your home’s value.

Go through your entire home and fix every broken thing. If there are complicated repairs, reach out to a professional.

  1. Paint Where Necessary

Freshen up the walls by painting them with a neutral color. Neutral colors will help buyers envision themselves living in the home. If there is limited time to paint the entire house, paint a few areas, like the entryway and the kitchen.

If you recently painted your house, you can paint only areas with dirty marks or stains. Don’t forget to paint your front door to give the prospective buyer a positive first impression.

  1. Declutter and Clean Thoroughly

If you wonder how to sell your house quickly, start by decluttering your home to make it look more spacious. An excellent place to start decluttering is by removing some furniture that may be taking up a large space.

After decluttering, deep clean every part of your house, professional cleaners will come in handy since they have the equipment and the expertise to clean everything and every corner.

  1. Stage Your Home

One of the most common tips about selling your house is to add final touches to create the best first impression. Start by staging your front yard by having some lovely flower beds.

Give your home a pleasant aroma by having a vase of roses or lilacs. Leave some fancy soaps and fluffy white towels in the bathroom.

If you don’t know where to start, consult a professional stager. Since these experts are experienced, they can give you bonus advice about selling your home quickly.

Prepare Your House for Sale by Following These Simple Steps

Your house doesn’t have to stay on the market for weeks. You can follow the five steps outlined above to prepare your house for sale. These ideas on how to sell a house quickly may have buyers pulling out their checkbooks within the first few days.

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