How To Put Multiple Pictures On Instagram Story

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Social media has become an excellent platform for content creators and entrepreneurs.


It has become a well-played stage for interactive and creative millennials who find it relieving and satisfying to post great photos and videos online.


Specifically, doing it in an application where outputs may be modified, filtered, and arranged according to the account user’s taste is just as pleasurable.


New Instagram users may find the task of putting multiple pictures on Instagram stories all together at once. Thus, a quick and simple guide like this can help.


There is no need for a third-party application to put two or more pictures in one Instagram story. It can all be done in one sitting. Here’s a detailed procedure of how you can go about it.


Note: New Jersey readers can log in via their NJ VPN for increased security when doing this process.


Upload Altogether According to Preferred Order


  1. Open the app through your device by simply tapping on the Instagram icon or type in on your browser’s URL address field. Either you are already automatically signed in or you need to input your username and password to gain access to your account profile. When you do, you must be shown your Profile Page or News Feed. This is depending on how you preferred seeing your account content when you started.
  2. Once in, tap on the camera icon normally located at the upper left side of your screen. This is now your Stories Page. If you haven’t had any story posted before, you will likely see a plus sign where you tap in order to get started. A new page will be shown, and this is where your photo or video gallery is. You can also take a series of  new photos using your device camera, in case you would rather post fresh images.
  3. Tick your options. Once you have chosen the images, tap on the option “Select Multiple”. You can find this at the top corner part of your screen. The series of content you choose is marked by numbers from 1 onwards. Should you wish to rearrange your options, just x it all out and start ordering them again.
  4. This is the part where you apply filters and edit the photos or videos you have chosen. You can even add audio that matches your concept if you like. There is no need for another application to do this. Instagram has built-in content editing features which you can use each time you post an Instagram story.
  5. Hit on the Share button once you have ticked the boxes of the photos you wish to add on your Instagram Story.
  6. A notification will tell you once you have successfully uploaded the multiple pictures. Otherwise, you will receive feedback from the app itself. It can be an advice to refresh your internet connectivity, or it is taking time to upload as you have issues with connection. Nonetheless, you get information regarding the task you are trying to complete.


Post Random Pictures On IG Story At Once

  • Tap on the Instagram App

Before you can share anything in your Instagram account, it is presumed you already have the app downloaded. Chances are, you are even logged in already. When you do, simply click on the App and you will surely be shown the Instagram view you had the last time you visited it.

  • Slide From Left to Right

Now, swipe the page from left to right. This will redirect the page to where you have saved your photos – the device Album or Gallery. Most of the time, you are shown with the matrix of all the photos you have saved. Depending on your Settings, you might be shown the latest photos or videos you have taken or saved on your phone.

  • Click the Image Icon

Just in case you are not directed to the actual photos, you must be shown the other apps on your phone. Tap on the Photos or Images icon and you will be flashed with all images, documents, and even videos saved. This is where you are given the time to pick and select.

  • Tick Off the Boxes of Pictures to Post

According to the order of the photos you clicked, it will be the same order when shown as an Instagram Story. You can be creative by choosing the nicest photo, followed by the less nicer ones and so on. Or, if you want to create drama and build up excitement with your story, you can choose an order from the least interesting up to the most interesting. You decide. The point is you are sharing not just one but multiple pictures all at once in your social media story.

  • Click Next

There is nothing much to do here. You simply Tap the next icon prompting you to continue the process up until you’re done. Once you click Next, you will be redirected to a wide selection of icons where you can be creative. Filters, photo enhancement, and modifications are possible.

  • Add Stickers, Text, or Audio

You can include location, mood, anything you want to say through a text written over the photo, or you can say what you want about the photos by attaching an audio to speak for it. This is where you can go all out with your digital creativity, in terms of improving the look of ordinary photos.

  • Tap Your Story Prompt

Considering you have taken care of all the editing and aesthetics in each of the multiple photos you want to share, click Next, and you will be shown the option to share it to Your Story or Your Instagram Feed. You can tick both boxes if you want it in both pages. If you want it to just show on Your Story, that’s what you tap.

  • Share

You’re good to go. Wait for that little “finished uploading” sound and you can tell that your Instagram Story photos are up for viewing by friends or the public, depending on your Setting.


The idea is to have multiple pictures showing on your Instagram Story. You may follow the first process or the second. What matters is you get it done.

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