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New Jersey is for sure a beautiful US state! What is that? You are visiting it, and you do not have a vehicle? Well, you have come to the right place! Today, you will find out how to find a New Jersey car rental without any issues and make your trip to this state an even smoother experience!

Use a car rental app to find the perfect car.

This is a brainer; having a car rental app to help you with the search helps you tremendously! Since all you will be doing is swiping your phone! New Jersey is one of those states where just by using your phone, you can find/order a car rental and order yourself a car without any issues!

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Think about pricing

Be mindful when you rent a car. Because, for example, if you compare prices at the weekends in New York, if you decide to rent a car there, you can rent a car for 130$, but in NJ, you can rent a car for only 40$. It is model-specific, mind you, but still, that is a tremendous price difference!

Find an even cheaper option

If you still have not found a car that would work for you in terms of the price range, even after extensive searching, here is a helpful tip: in NJ, the cheapest car for rent can be found in Hackensack or Trenton.

Sometimes you may find deals where you can rent a car for barely 28$ a day in Hackensack, and in Trenton, the price range hovers around the 41$/day mark.

Consider the season you are making the trip at

Think of when you are making the trip to New Jersey, as, during specific times of the year, pricing for rentals may go up. Also, you will have a much smaller option choice during holiday seasons since others might be looking for rentals. So, your option pool will be much smaller than what you might have gotten a couple of months before.

Take into account the weather

New Jersey is known for its rather strong weather, so do not drive too fast if the weather is not the best. Even if it impacts your speed, driving slower is better than paying a large bill for repairing the said rental because you crashed it!

Have all the necessary documentation

Before renting a car in NJ, you first need to get the legal part out of the way. Well, for starters, you have to be 21 and have a government-issued license that will not expire before the rental has ended. If you are under 25 years of age, the rental company might ask you to pay an underage driver’s fee. Furthermore, if you are a foreigner do not forget to bring your passport!

Be mindful of state laws

An obvious tip for sure, but you should check the state’s laws because each state in the US sometimes differs on specific laws, so turning right might be illegal in one state, and in New Jersey, turning right on a red light is perfectly fine legal. So, check up on that book and make sure you will not have a bad experience with the NJSP.

Think about how long the trip will last

Spending much time during the trip will enhance your overall trip experience, but your wallet might not appreciate that sentiment. Even if you find a cheap rental, spending too much time on the trip can end up costing you a pretty penny. Since a week can end up costing anywhere from 250-400$, so plan out well!

Keep the Vehicle in proper order

Now just keeping the Vehicle not damaged beyond belief is not enough. You should keep it tidy and make sure that it is not a mess inside the cabin because the car will be checked upon return to see if it will require cleaning, which will be added to your overall price tag if it is too messy.

So, the smaller the mess, the smaller the bill.

Think about your luggage

Since it is a trip, you will need a lot of space so think about it, you will need spare clothes, food, water, and space for any souvenirs you might buy. In this case, investing in a large vehicle is a good idea since you not only can pack a lot, but you might also bring someone with you on the trip and make it feel more exciting!

Now think about your friends

Now since we have gotten the luggage out of the way, what about your friends? If you are taking anyone with you now, you need to rent a big vehicle because you are taking things with you, but they will be taking things as well, and being cramped on a trip is the worst thing ever!

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Enjoy your perfect trip!

These are all the things that you would probably need to look into when trying to rent a car for a trip to New Jersey. Sure, there is much to do, but if you get it done, your trip will be a smooth ride from the moment you leave because you will know that you have taken into account practically everything that you could have.

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