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It can be difficult to find a sufficient tactic for Instagram comment replies. Should you respond to every positive comment below an Instagram post in a polished way, or will just writing “thank you” suffice?

Even more difficult is figuring out the right approach to a negative comment or vicious attempts of trolls to damage your brand. So what is the correct way to deal with challenges like that? You may try many strategies for this matter, but one thing is for certain: You should reply to all the comments, no matter if the resemble the good, the bad, or the ugly. Ignoring comments is never an option if you take your brand image seriously.

In the following sections, you will receive Instagram comment reply ideas for any scenario.

The ultimate framework: How to reply to Instagram comments

How to respond to nice comments on Instagram

To keep Instagram users loyal to you or your brand, you have to be empathetic to them and respond to them. Proper community management is more than just replying “Glad you like it” and liking Instagram comments.

Surely, you would like your followers to become customers, so you need to utilize the comment function as a customer engagement tool for your business. If you don’t know what to reply to Instagram comments: Here are a few tips and examples of the best Instagram comment replies.

Tip 1: You say something about your photo

Tell how the photos in your Instagram posts are taken: “I always listen to fun music on shoots, it brings out all the good vibes!”

Or talk about the struggles and joys in the process: “We’ve been looking for a white wall for so ages, so I’m extremely happy to get your compliment right now!”

Thank the helping hands and link them: “Thanks to my dear friend @XYZ this great photo was taken!”

Are you doubting right now if people really care what music you were listening to while you were doing it? Or how difficult it was to find the setting? The more you reveal about yourself, the more people feel addressed by you. You only address a certain target group with your personality and you want to win them over.

Tip 2: Respond to Instagram comments by opening a conversation

Pick a topic. What’s on your mind right now – photography, Instagram, raising kids, social media, etc. and how can you tie it to your photo?

He who asks, leads. Don’t be afraid to ask really big hard questions. Whether you’re on Instagram or other social networks: Everyone is up for talking about themselves. So go ahead and ask about attitude:

“How do you feel about selfies? Do you like taking them or do you hire friends to shoot portraits of you like I do?”or “What inspires you the most?”

This is a great way to get followers engaged and maybe even get the Instagram algorithm to push your post into the news feed of more potential customers and fans.

Tip 3: Suitable reactions to positive comments about your products

You share a product post and the response is something similar to: “I really like using this product!” Form an answer based on a case by case basis.

“We’re glad to hear that, why don’t you show us a picture of where you put it!” or “How nice, we hope it runs smoothly. What’s your favorite thing to use it for?” could be great answers.

How to respond to negative comments on Instagram

Sooner or later, every company has to deal with less positive reviews. The good thing is that you can learn how to handle troublemakers in a professional way and keep your comments section clean. With a little practice and experience, you can even turn bad reviews into more sales or new fans.

Tip 4: Take criticism seriously

An angry user is of course no reason for you to be happy. But that does not make him a troll. Most of the time, you can identify him relatively easily, by a way of expression that is characterized by capital letters, exclamation marks and insults.

As long as a person doesn’t completely change the tone or becomes personally abusive, you should take any complaint seriously. Read reviews carefully, because they often contain valuable feedback for improvement and ideas that you should think about. Always reply to people’s comments on Instagram in a patient and professional way.

Tip 5: Respond quickly

Leaving negative comments unanswered for too long gives the impression that you don’t care about the criticism. But that’s not all: If you don’t respond in a few hours, you also run the risk of other dissatisfied people speaking out, and a shitstorm becomes imminent.

On social media channels in particular, it is important to react quickly also so that the criticism does not appear as the latest unanswered content at the top and attract everyone’s attention. Despite the urgency of a response, you should proceed with caution and care in your responses.

Tip 6: Intervene if necessary.

By no means do you have to put up with every verbal lapse. In the case of hate comments, insults or simply inappropriate texts, deleting comments is a valid way of responding.

Alternatively, you can counter or remind the user of a factual and respectful tone. In this context, it is always helpful to know about the current legal situation regarding hate comments.

How to respond to emoji comments on Instagram

The question you may ask yourself is: Do I need to respond to emoji comments on Instagram The simple answer is: Yes, you absolutely should respond to all comments, even if they only consist of emojis. But you may not need to put as much effort into an answer to this type of comment. Here is a simple solution.

Tip 7: Keep it simple

Remember that with emoji answers you have to consider dealing with quantity instead of quality. While you may want to put more work into replying to texts that the writer has put a lot of effort into, in the case of emojis, a simple and short answer is enough.

Just show your gratitude with a simple “Thank you” or “That is very kind of you”. Nobody will be upset about more generic answers in these cases, but it certainly is a good idea to show your gratitude in some way.

How to reply to gorgeous comments on Instagram

If a fan or customer goes the extra mile and puts together a very flattering comment or , then you should do the same thing. There is an easy way to make a loyal fan feel heard and appreciated.

Tip 8: Involve the commenter in your answer

Go to the profile and find something to relate to: “You have so many pictures with animals, I would like to integrate that more too!”

Alternatively you can also ask a counter question. A great example is: “How do you always choose these beautiful backgrounds?

You may also return the compliment in a sincere way: “With such a beautiful community, I can only beam!”

After all, on all channels you have mostly the possibility to quickly stalk interests and preferences of other users. Is it not impertinent, to write something so personal which I have found on their profile?

Do not worry about it. If the user has a public profile, he or shee expects that others will come to it. Many followers will be glad that someone has looked attentively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete comments on Instagram?

It is fairly easy to remove comments from your Instagram account:

  1. Tap on “Show all” under the post in question.
  2. Then swipe the text to the left (iOS) or hold your finger on it (Android).
  3. Then you can select the trash icon to delete it.

How to pin comments on Instagram?

Select the reply you want to freeze by swiping from right to left on the text. Now you will get a message saying that you can pin up to three comments. Then press “Pin” and you’re done.

How to turn off comments on Instagram?

Go to the photo you don’t want people to comment on and tap the three dots in the top right corner. Tap “Disable comments” if you don’t want others to be able to comment on your post.

How to find your comments on Instagram?

You can also control and review your own comments:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Select the Security section.
  3. Via Download data you will receive all interactions of your account by mail.
  4. Open the file with the corresponding information search for the post in the app.

How to copy Instagram comments?

Tap the three horizontal dots at the top right of the post. Then tap on “Copy link”. Open Repost: For Instagram. The previously copied post will automatically appear on the homepage.

How to edit comments on Instagram?

Unlike captions, Instagram comments cannot be edited. If you want to change a comment, you will unfortunately have to delete and rewrite it.

How to respond to comments on Instagram: Conclusion

Most brands and influencers spend a fair amount of time on managing their comments section. This is not only vital in order to keep up the engagement rate of your followers, but it also helps to reduce spam and trolling under your posts.

No matter, if the feedback is nice, mean, or random: You should always try to reply in a timely manner. That way, even if you and the person commenting disagree, you at least make the impression to care about your audience.

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