How to Track Phone Without Another Person’s Knowing?

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Is your daughter getting bullied by her classmate? Are you worried about gambling addiction for a loved one? Want to keep your children safe from online predators?

Find out how to track someone’s cell phone location without them knowing and make your life easier.

Tracking a cell phone location without them knowing is nowhere as complicated as it is made out to be in the movies. If you have regular access to the phone, you have various options. You can use Apple’s or Android’s built-in phone tracker if you have the phone’s code.

Or you can use spy apps like These are covert apps designed to be hidden, and along with letting you see their location, also enable you to read somebody’s messaging history on several popular chatting apps.

How Do Tracking Methods Work?

Spy apps help you track what you want. They allow:

  • People to catch partners or spouses who are unfaithful
  • Employers to find employees acting as spies in their own company
  • Tracking the behavior of children to see if something is wrong
  • Tracking whereabouts of loved ones, like if they are out of town

If you’re looking for an efficient, secretive spy app, your best bet would be mSpy. mSpy is an easy-to-use app to track a phone without them knowing with lots of everyday life applications. You can install mSpy onto your child’s phone with just a few tips to make sure you’re always aware of their location.

Besides spy apps, you have other options, from Find My iPhone to even using Google to find an Android Device.

1. Application to track another person’s cell phone

Spy app is surveillance software that allows you to monitor data from the device it’s installed on. Its primary value comes from having a GPS monitoring feature, so you can instantly know where a person is.

Apps with an extensive range of features also enable you to read messages sent on popular chatting apps like Whatsapp or Facebook.

mSpy, a spy app used worldwide by hundreds of people to track phones using GPS, is the best choice for people who want to know how to track a phone without them knowing. An added advantage of using mSpy is that it’s undetectable, preventing any confrontations between you and the target!

2. Using Find My Device for Android

Follow this simple process to use Find My Device and track cell phone without them knowing:

  • Open in your computer browser, and use the email and password for the phone to log in.
  • Select the phone you want to track from a list of phones that come up.
  • If you have secret data on your phone, you can choose the ‘LOCK’ option to lock the phone down.

Utilizing this method needs the target’s email and password for their device, making the process much riskier.

3. Using Find my iPhone

Apple’s answer to recovering lost devices, Find My iPhone, is subtler than Android’s Find My Device, making tracking a cell phone without them knowing possible. The best part about using Find My iPhone is that if the phone’s battery has run out or the phone is turned off, it displays its last known location.

Use this process to know how to track somebody’s iPhone:

  • Sign in with the target’s Apple ID to iCloud.
  • Tap the device you would like to track from the pop-up list.

4. Using Find My Mobile for Samsung

For Samsung Galaxy devices, the company offers a device recovery method. However, the phone’s location won’t appear if the phone is turned off.

You have to follow a short, simple process to find a Samsung Galaxy:

  • Use your Samsung account to sign in to Make sure to pass the captcha!
  • From the list of devices, choose the Galaxy you want to track.

Top Methods to Locate Phones That Didn’t Work

An IMEI number is a special 15-digit number assigned to all modern mobile phones. GSM networks use it to identify valid devices. One of the best ways to answer how to track someone’s phone without them knowing is by using IMEI numbers.

Google search results are filled with websites that offer different services and apps that use IMEI numbers to track devices. Despite their ‘reviews’ – which are almost always fake – make sure to never use these services since using IMEI numbers for tracking devices is a very unreliable method.


Finding an app to track a phone without them knowing has become simple in 2021. You can take help from one of the many Find My Device services to keep an eye on your children or use a spy app to keep an eye on a suspicious person’s location discreetly.

Choose a spy app that offers a comprehensive suite of services – and remains hidden.

mSpy, a tracking app, marketing itself as the optimal solution to monitoring your children that offers the best combination of spy services. You can record browsing activity to keep an eye on what your child is searching online and block inappropriate content. Or, keep a check on the photos and videos being shared.

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