How to Use QR Codes for a Better Marketing Strategy

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Currently, people are using their mobile devices more than ever. The main reason behind this is accessing everything within the shortest possible time and getting information across from one individual to another or a business to a consumer.

QR codes have come a long way since being introduced in the early 1990s. What was once an automotive parts inventory tracker has evolved into a strategic marketing tactic. QR codes are currently one of the trending channels in the world of marketing. Mobile devices can read and interpret QR codes using the best QR code scanner solutions available in the industry.

QR codes can provide information about a service or product without sweat, which is then instantly displayed on the user’s device. Basically, quick response codes promote engagement and interaction via mobile devices. With QR codes, businesses can easily transfer information to consumers and potential customers.

Currently, consumers don’t entertain anything that’s time-consuming and slow. Here are the ways you can use QR codes to enhance your marketing strategy.

Share Social Media Accounts

All leading social media platforms provide marketers with the ability and opportunity to customise your business account’s QR code. When mobile device users scan your QR code, they instantly access your profile, where they can start following you or your business.

Marketers can also print their respective codes and use them as a bridge between digital and retail locations. Alternatively, you can create a landing page where accounts of different social media platforms are linked to. A single scan allows users to decide which accounts to follow.


Everyone loves a good deal, and QR codes offer the best way to display and share these vouchers. Marketers can post coupons on social media platforms, in a walkway at a retail shop or passed out in brochures. After scanning the QR code, the consumer accesses a coupon available in an app or online.

Provide Product Information

The information that businesses can put on product packages is limited. As a result, many businesses use QR codes on product packages to allow consumers to learn more about their products and services. These QR codes can be online or offline and can link to anything ranging from a quick start guide or a promotional video, or a landing page.

Whether you’re an online or offline marketer, you can use QR codes to promote your marketing campaigns. Just ensure you are working closely with the best QR code providers in the industry.

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