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New Jersey is a beautiful place and a photographer’s paradise. This is where they can take great pictures that will captivate the whole world. Do you want to improve your lifestyle photography skills to be able to take great shots in your beloved city? Well, we are ready to tell you all the secrets!

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Let’s start with what lifestyle photography is 

Lifestyle photography shows real scenarios, not faceless scenes. Most often they are unplanned, so they are very candid. In simple terms, in this genre of photography, the subject usually looks like he has no idea the viewer exists at all. He’s just going about his daily routine, and the camera captures it.

Improve your lifestyle photography with some simple tips

So, you’ve decided to take pictures in the genre of lifestyle photography, but you don’t know where to start? We are ready to share with you the best ideas, and we are sure that you will succeed!

1. Ask your subject to do real things

Posing your subjects to make them look and feel free is one of the most difficult parts of photography. Most people can’t act calmly in front of the camera. Because of this, you don’t get to see their real emotions, gestures, and facial expressions.

One of the most effective ways to create natural body language and reactions is to let your subjects do something. It should be something familiar that they have already done many times in real life. Why not film a couple eating ice cream? Or why not take a candid photo of best friends laughing while discussing something funny? Options abound, you just need to communicate with your models so you don’t embarrass them.

2. Take pictures from different angles

It’s likely that most of the time you’re used to taking a photo from only one perspective. Sure, you’ve become a pro at it, but why not try something different? A good way to improve your pictures and get unexpected results is to use a different perspective. Here are a few options for what you can do:

  • Shoot from above. This type of photography is called a bird’s-eye view photo.
  • Catch the moment when you are from below. You’d be surprised, but this angle allows you to capture many things you wouldn’t pay attention to with a straight shot.
  • Take a drone photo. There are drones now that don’t cost too much, and the pictures taken with them will be original and eye-catching.

3. Use continuous mode

Whenever you want to take a shot that captures action or emotion, it is the one moment that is most important. Imagine your frustration if you don’t get the perfect shot because you’ve been pressing the button for too long. Using burst mode ensures that you never miss a moment like that.

However, there is a balance to be struck here, because using continuous shooting mode all the time will result in you taking thousands of useless photos. This is definitely not what you want. My advice is to turn it on when an activity is happening or you may feel something is about to happen.

4. Choose natural light

I recommend using natural light in lifestyle photography whenever possible, even if it is very difficult. However, don’t take photos under the bright midday sun. This will result in ugly shadows, which you will then have to remove in a photo editor and spend a lot of time on. I also advise avoiding the use of flash.

5. Don’t be afraid to use props

As I said, most people can’t feel at ease in front of the camera. Sometimes props can be not just an addition, but a thing to help them relax. I’ll give you the example of children. Toys can be an important element of lifestyle photography, and a child will feel relaxed as long as they play with them. It works the same way with other props. Just let your models do their thing and take the pictures.

6. Establish a color palette

Even though you’re taking lifestyle photos, that doesn’t mean you have to forget about colors. You can advise your models on what to wear in order to look harmonious in the frame.


If you want to practice your lifestyle photography, go to the nearest park in New Jersey or any other city. There will be lots of people walking around and socializing. It can make great photos. I wish you the best of luck and believe you will succeed!

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