Is It Safe to Buy IG Followers in 2024?

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It is very difficult to answer the question of whether it is safe or not to buy IG followers. It depends on what kind of followers you purchase and from whom. There are many websites that sell fake accounts which initially damage your Instagram profile. However, there are marketplaces that can help you boost your account, too. This article intends to help you differentiate between poor and high-quality services and decide if it’s worth taking the risk of buying IG followers in 2024. 

Instagram’s Policies and Algorithms

Instagram introduced an algorithm in 2016. It means that the platform started paying attention to engagement metrics and relevance only in 2016, before that no system would determine what kind of content to show to users. Since then Instagram has been updating and sophisticating its algorithm to understand what kind of content resonates best with individual users. 

After two years, Instagram started fighting against fake engagement. The fake engagement was mostly about likes and comments that were purchased and were not organic. The same system attacked fake profiles – profiles that were generated by bots and there were no real people behind them. These accounts were removed immediately from the platform. 

Since then Instagram has been working hard to refine its algorithm in numerous ways. For example, the Explore page of Instagram does not consider likes and comments alone, it also pays attention to authentic engagement metrics such as view duration, saves, shares, etc. 

Safe Websites to Buy IG Followers in 2024

There are certain websites built by professionals in the marketing field who are very well familiar with Instagram algorithms. They created their services in accordance with the guidelines and terms of use of Instagram. Their careful approach to boosting Instagram accounts and increasing follower counts (or other metrics) makes them a very wise and safe choice to buy IG followers. Below is a list of 6 safe marketplaces where you can purchase IG follower packages. 


We consider SocialWick as the safest place to buy followers not only on Instagram but other platforms, too. SocialWick covers more than one social media channel and offers a lot more than mere follower packages. You can even arrange your original and customized growth plan together with the customer service of SocialWick. 


SocialWick is a flexible platform where you can choose the exact number of followers you would like to get. The minimum you can order is 10 followers and the upper limit is half a million. These followers are real people and the marketplace clearly states that they never use any bots or artificial intelligence in their packages. 


SubscriberZ is another notable company that specializes in social media marketing services. SubscriberZ has a complex system that searches for specific types of people who may find your Instagram profile, services, or content useful and interesting. The system creates user personas for your followers and then identifies the best ways to reach them. 

SubscriberZ provides real followers with the right intent who later engage with your content and have a high chance of becoming part of your loyal community. Furthermore, if you are a local brand, you can use the targeted followers package from SubscriberZ. 


Mixx is a truly rare platform in terms of service quality and price. It has been confirmed numerous times that Mixx has the cheapest rates on its follower packages. You will not find any other service provider offering 10,000 followers for less than $40, at least those who match the quality that Mixx provides. The followers that you get are real people with genuine interest in your Instagram profile. 

Mixx has one of the most responsive and helpful customer support teams. You can reach them at any time during the week through multiple channels and get all kinds of assistance you may need.


Qqtube is a unique platform for different social media users. It combines several service providers and unites them under a single marketplace. This universality contributes to a diverse range of follower packages that you can find on Qqtube’s website. You can filter your package preferences according to the size of your follower count, customer rating, price, or any other keywords you would like to include.

The follower packages on QQTube also include targeted services. You could get followers from a specific country or a region, in general. Qqtube customers can also choose their preferred follower gender when buying the package.


UseViral is a very dominant marketplace for Instagram users. It uses a careful approach in creating Instagram profiles that resemble real accounts. Their algorithm will find the best match for your profile content, will create an account that looks like your legit follower, and will urge the Instagram algorithm to recommend your profile to users like them. This means that UseViral contributes to your organic growth in the future in more than one way.

UseViral guarantees their service quality and often offers money-back guarantees to keep their clients satisfied. You also get free refills in case any of their created followers drop off.

Risks and Rewards of Buying IG Followers

The rewards are obvious when buying high-quality Instagram followers, especially from trusted services like the ones we described above. However many are not aware of the potential risks associated with purchasing followers or growing Instagram profiles artificially. Even if you use the most reliable marketplace for Instagram boosting you may still compromise your Instagram account. The simple reason is that Instagram has a complicated algorithm that is a bit unpredictable.

  1. Instagram algorithm can detect unusually fast growth and investigate the nature of your new followers
  2. If the algorithm detects too many inactive profiles within your followers or fake accounts you may receive a ban (sometimes you get a warning before the ban, too)
  3. Those accounts that you gain artificially could get deactivated thanks to Instagram’s policies
  4. Some of your partners and collaborators may recognize your strategy as they have a lot of experience on the market and reject your proposal

Sum Up

Many marketplaces provide safe and quality service to boost your followers on Instagram. They try to minimize risks associated with Instagram’s detection services and the possibility of receiving a penalty for using artificial growth methods. However, the risks do still exist. You have to understand those elements and be prepared for emergency cases.

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