Joint Photo Pendant: A Perfect Parting Gift

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No matter how close we want to always stay close to the people we love, in reality, this is not possible. Due to jobs, marriage, transfers, and other situations in our lives, we have to say goodbye to the people we love at the different stages of our lives. Sometimes these people are our friends, families, and relatives, and we do not have an option other than to say goodbye to them with a heavy heart and a promise to stay in touch.

The good thing is that in this digital world, we can talk to our loved ones by phone whenever we want. However, a phone or video call can never replace the satisfaction that we get by seeing our beloved face to face where we can touch them.

If you are also looking for a perfect parting gift for your loved one who is shifting to a new place far from you, then a 3D photo pendant would be an ideal gift. It is a gift to honor your loved ones, be it your relatives or friends, and let them know what they mean to you. The handcrafted, personalized photo pendant can be worn around your neck, enabling you always to carry the memories of your loved ones. This pendant is the ideal present, a special means of expressing your affection. Gifting is the best way of expressing your love for your special ones.

Make your goodbye special

The jewelry will make your hellos and goodbyes more special and can be the best farewell gift of choice. Even while parting your ways, you’ll know that you will always have the impression of your loved ones with you no matter where you go. The love shared will forever be preserved and admired for years to come. You can carry this possession around your neck, and it looks more amazing when you wear anything in dark colors. You can perceive your image from any angle, and it still looks like the most beautiful thing that one can have.

You can have your image engraved on any shape of the crystal. Be it a rectangular, circular, or heart-shaped pendant, they all look perfect. With the help of our custom photo necklaces, you can transform a special photograph of a loved one into a stunning crystal pendant that you’ll never want to take off. The laser engraving technique makes your crystal pendant worth every penny.

When you are saying goodbye to someone special, words are not enough. Therefore, you can gift a photo pendant to your loved one with a photo of both of you, which will be a keepsake. You can also choose to order two similar pendants with similar photos and keep one each. As this jewelry will always be on your body and touch your heart, you both will feel connected. Whenever you miss the person, a look at this pendant and all the happy memories will come rushing back.

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