Kosher for Passover Catering services and Hotels in the US

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Passover is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays. It occurs in the early spring of the year and is a momentous occasion.  The holiday lasts for a week, the foods allowed and required are strict, and many people get flustered trying to do all the cleaning, shopping, and cooking required for this occasion.

Passover Catering Services in the U.S.

If you do not want to go spend a week in a hotel or at a resort as part of scheduled Passover Programs, consider making things easier on yourself and hire Passover Catering Services to prepare your meals. At least consider hiring the catering services to prepare and serve the Seder meal.

The beautiful thing about having the seder meal catered is you do not have to shop for the food and cook the meal. The traditional recipes served at this auspicious meal are not cooked very frequently by most home chefs so many people start cooking their seder food two days before the main event. Hiring a Passover kosher catering service lets you skip all of that hassle and be rested and ready when the holiday arrives.

The most common Seder menu includes matzo ball soup, smoked salmon, kugel, and the infamous beef brisket. Most of your guests would be disappointed if they did not see these all-time favorites as part of the menu. But, catering services can offer unique and tantalizing versions of your favorites so your meal this year can be unique and fresh.

From Miami to California you can find Passover catering services in the U.S. that are prepared to create the perfect meal for your family Seder.

The Passover prepared caterers to know the regulations and guidelines that they must follow when shopping for and preparing the meals for their customers. Most of the caterers use disposable packaging so it is new, it has never had chametz in it, and it is easy for you to toss away when the food is all eaten.

You can get meals prepared for any number of guests. The caterer will even be able to offer no contact delivery since Covid is causing so many people to be sick. In the instance of a no-contact delivery all of the food will be prepared, packaged in disposable containers, and set outside of your house at a specified time. The delivery driver will phone you when they arrive so they can place the food outside your door and get back in their vehicle before you open your door.

Pros of hiring a Catering Service for Passover

  • No shopping to do
  • No food inspection or preparation
  • You do not have to have chametz free pots and pans to cook the food in
  • You do not have to cook the food
  • The food arrives at your home hot and ready to consume’
  • There is no cleaning up hassles
  • You are not as tired during the Seder meal
  • You get more time to enjoy your family and the holiday

Cons of Hiring a Passover Caterer

  • I am sorry hiring a Passover caterer is just a winning idea and we could not think of any cons

Reasons to stay in a Passover Friendly U.S. Hotel

More than likely, you do not need a list of reasons telling you about all of the benefits you will reap from staying at a Passover-friendly hotel this year. Anyone who has ever prepared for the Passover holiday knows that it is a lot of hard work to prepare your home, shop for the food, plan the meals, cook the Seder dinner, host the Seder dinner, and do all of the clean-up after the traditional meal.

Tips for choosing the Best Passover Hotel for your Vacation

There are a lot of options for anyone who wants a Passover-friendly hotel in the U.S. There are hotels in the majority of the states and in many states, there is more than one hotel to choose from.

To get the best accommodations to decide what the people you are traveling with will most like to do. Then choose a location that offers those activities like going to Disney World, playing golf, swimming, hiking, and more.

Pros of staying in a Passover- friendly hotel

Tips on choosing the best Passover hotel in the U.S.

  • All of the cleaning and clearing away of the chametz is done for you
  • Your meals are cooked for you
  • Someone does all of the dishes for you
  • The kids have constant entertainment so they are not bored and unhappy
  • There are entertainments planned so you get to unwind and relax
  • Most of the U.S. Passover-friendly hotels are in close proximity to activities your entire family will love
  • You get to relax instead of working nonstop for the week trying to keep everything done and everyone happy

Final Thoughts

Whether you choose to hire a caterer and stay in your own home, or to go to a hotel and enjoy some great location, just remember the most important thing you can do is relax and enjoy the people you love.

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