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The rules of poker, like those of any other game, are what define the game at any online casino in Malaysia. While there are some subtle differences amongst the versions, they all adhere to the same core principles. Each participant must make a blind bet regardless of whether or not they plan to play the hand, and winning cards are predetermined. In this article we will cover the fundamentals of how to play poker, but to learn more, you can gain hands-on experience with poker by signing up with me88 online casino Malaysia.


Basic rules of poker at online casinos in Malaysia

The poker dealer will have on their hands a deck of 52 playing cards, most online poker games offered by online casinos in Malaysia will use this basic deck structure. Numbered cards and pictured cards like Kings and Queens are used, similar to a game of Blackjack or Baccarat. Each poker game has a specific sequence of 10 winning hands. The top five cards, or the best five-card sequence, always determine the winner. At me88 online casino Malaysia, the live dealer will first shuffle his or her deck of cards before dealing a pair of cards to each player. Players can interact with their hand by clicking on the cards on the screen, this is the same for both PC and mobile players. The interactive UI at me88 live casino is easy to use, me88 online casino does not complicate the process with unnecessary clutter on screen.


Winning system in online poker – Basic

The player’s hand combined with the river or the community cards determines the winner. For example, a pair of cards (be it both on hand or if one of the pair is on the table and the other is in the player’s hand) is better than no pair, and two pairs (two set of pairs, for example: two aces and two kings) is better than only one pair.  When a player has no pairs with the community cards, they have a high card. Here, the winner is determined by who has the highest card. While playing online IDN poker games at me88 online casino Malaysia, players should be familiar with the terms used to determine the winner of each session. For example, three of a kind is sometimes referred to as trips, and this is a hand that  consists of three consecutive cards with the same numerical value. The poker player may start with a queen and an ace, and then draw two additional aces on the board. Having a pair of one card and trips of the other is considered a full house, such as triple threes and two kings, or triple aces and two queens.


Winning system in online poker – Advanced

It is not necessary to draw the same cards for a winning hand, sometimes, a straight can be a better hand than three of a kind. In a straight hand, the player has arranged a sequence of five cards in this hand. A straight would be the digits 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7,8,9,10, Jack. The winner is always the player with the highest straight. On the other hand, five cards of the same suit, not necessarily in order, constitutes a Flush. If the board also contains 9, 2, and Q of the same suit, like in the example above, your hand of 3 and 7 of Hearts will improve to a flush. If every card on the table has the same color, the highest card wins. A straight flush combines the best features of a straight and a flush, such as the aforementioned example for straight but all of the cards come in the same suit (Diamonds, Spades, etc.)  The highest and rarest poker hand is a royal flush. When you hold the 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit, you have a royal flush.


Poker strategies at me88 online casino Malaysia

Before you start playing me88 online casino Malaysia, you might want to strategize how you want to go about betting in the game or risk losing all your money in one poker session. The blinds structure is set in advance for each game. The blind structure of a poker table might be as little as 1 myr or as high as a few thousands myr at me88 online casino Malaysia depending on which poker table the player has chosen. Each hand has a new dealer, who is the individual sitting immediately to the left of the current dealer. The small blind is bet by the player directly to the dealer’s left, while the big blind is bet by the player directly to the dealer’s right. In the initial betting round, no player may wager less than the huge blind.


Me88 online casino Malaysia poker betting terms

Other players at me88 online casino Malaysia will use poker terms that are likely unfamiliar to beginner poker players.  When no one else at the table has placed a bet, you make one. In a poker game, to call is to match another player’s wager exactly. Meanwhile, calling a raise would entail matching the wager and adding on to it and to fold means to abandon the present hand by revealing none of your cards. After the initial round of betting, a player may choose to “check” and not make a wager. After a wager is made, though, other players have three options: call, raise, or fold.


Are you ready for poker?

Poker might just be the most exciting live casino game that me88 online casino Malaysia has to offer, if you play your cards right, poker can also be the most profitable live casino game on their platform. If you think you are ready to try your hands on online poker, sign up now with me88 online casino Malaysia.

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