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People spend a lot of time at home. Especially now more people are working from home full time instead of having to commute to the office. There are small things you can do to your home and yard that will instantly make it an easier place to live. Everyone values different things in the home, which makes home design and layout quite subjective. However, these tips can help you take a step in the right direction and give you other things to think about when looking to improve.


Improve Your Photo Game


Photos make a house so much more personal. Especially if you’re using them in the room that you work at, like a home office or a study. A lot of people like to use photos in frames, which are hung on walls or up on shelves. They’re also good to place on a desk. However, if you want something more substantial, in higher quality that you can flick through when you want you should consider photo books. They can be placed on tables or bookshelves and give you and guests something to actually look through instead of one picture.


Photos provide a great break from reality and filling your home with them can really help improve your mood and keep you happy. Photos in a home office can help the work day go a lot smoother, being able to kick back and look through photo books make a huge difference.




On the other hand, maybe you’ve got too many photo frames hanging on wales and useless ornaments up on shelves. You should try and declutter where possible. It’ll help you destress and relax, and if you’re working from home, be far more productive. Just move or throw away the things you don’t need anymore. It’s usually very obvious when something is clutter and doesn’t really have a place on the wall or shelf. Keep things looking clean and easy and you’ll have one easy way to level up your home. This is something that’s easy to do and won’t take long at all.


Change The Focus Point


Take your living room for example. You can change the feel and layout by alternating the focus point. This previously used to be a fireplace, but now it’s the TV. If you feel like a change or want there to be more space in the living room, you can completely change this around. It might let more light in, give you more space, and make the room flow a lot easier. You can do this with most rooms and it can almost make it feel like a new house sometimes. It can be as simple as moving a chair from one side of the room to the other. Experiment and you’ll be surprised with what you find.


Better Bike Storage


Bike riding, especially electric bike riding, has soared in recent years, especially since the pandemic. They provide a carbon neutral riding experience and can be great for exercise. However, electric bikes can be expensive and storing them inside can be annoying as they’re bulky. You can invest in a small bike shed, or bike storage unit to keep the bike safe and out of the way. Bike storage allows you to rest easy knowing it can’t be stolen and also knowing that your electric bike is safe from the elements. You can tailor the size depending on what you need to. If you’re an enthusiast with multiple bikes you’ll need something larger. Same goes if multiple family members have them.

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