Leveling Up in WoW: Tips and Tricks for a Faster Progression

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World of Warcraft is probably one of the most popular MMORPG games in the world. It has a deep lore and worldbuilding, complex social and combat gameplay, and a multinational global community. Who wouldn’t want to become a part of this gaming phenomenon?

The most interesting stuff awaits players in the endgame — high-level content contains lots of global instances, epic raids, and thrilling PvP battles. To get there fast, players must use the most efficient leveling-up techniques. Additionally, one of the best ways to progress fast is by gaining help from experts via WoW Carry Services like WowVendor. It will grant not only in-game experience but a player’s skill as well!

Learn more about leveling tips and tricks in this article below!

What’s the deal

In the last current WoW expansion called Dragonflight player’s character is limited to 70 level cap. During the playthrough, heroes visit various locations, complete quests, and fight mobs, gaining experience in the process. Another way to upgrade characters is to visit dungeons — there players can battle together with elite enemies and gain better and rarer gear.

Each world zone is dedicated to a certain level range, so it is impossible (or extremely hard) to travel in endgame areas in the first hours of the playthrough. Traditional upgrading and traveling around Azeroth is essential, but there are many exploits for fast progression as well.

1. Getting some rest

One of the oldest ways to boost experience gaining is resting. Just log out from the game and do some real-life things (epic house chores await!). It is best to let a character relax in a capital city or an inn. That way the rest XP bar will grow up to 5% in 8 hours. The maximum cap is 150%. No one will let their characters relax that long. But leaving a hero in an inn after every gaming session is a useful habit to have.

2. Using helpful items

Fast heroes can use xp-boosting consumables and equipment to become even faster.

Some of these items are listed below:

  • Draught of Ten Lands. Boost experience gaining speed up to 10% for one hour. It is sold for service medals warriors can gain during PvP battles.
  • Heirlooms. Unique class gear players can acquire from merchants all around Azeroth (find the nearest to you via the link). Using a couple of set pieces will reduce Rest XP consumption, which makes the first tip even more effective.
  • Goblin Glider Kit. An extremely useful item for low-level characters. Until a player gets a flying mount, this glider will help to travel long distances from high places.
  • Movement boosters. Some consumables like Lightfoot Potion or Skystep Potion will boost the character’s speed up to 150%. More speed means faster quest completion and mobs beating!

There are many more useful items heroes can find in the game world. The real skill is to find the most efficient things for certain situations and use them at the right time.

3. Completing dungeons

As was said before, completing dungeons is a great way to gain XP and find new rare gear. By using a dungeon finder option, players can get a bonus experience. Additional points are granted for picking a random dungeon option in the menu.

4. Installing useful add-ons

Add-ons are very helpful additions to World of Warcraft gameplay. They will not make leveling up faster directly but will save a lot of time and nerves during a playthrough.

  • HandyNotes. This essential addon adds a lot of various icons to the game map. With HandyNotes players can see chests, rare mobs, collectibles, and much more.
  • Azeroth Auto Pilot will guide players through all their journeys across the game world. Finding quest items, tracking progression, choosing an optimal progression route — all these options are available with this little addon.
  • Speedy AutoLoot just makes auto-looting even faster. This thing will save a lot of time in the long run. Note: an auto loot option must be enabled in the game preferences!

5. Watching speedruns

Speedruns are not meant just for entertainment and admiring players’ skills. It is also a useful tool to gain more playing experience outside. Experienced players watch speedruns from time to time to point out useful tricks for their next playthrough, Most exploits and guides become ineffective after time due to the updates, so it is best to gain new knowledge once in a while. The best way to do it is, of course, YouTube.

Leveling in World of Warcraft sometimes can be boring and grindy. But after all, players will get the unique experience of being a part of a massive MMO. So it is better to have some tricks up the sleeve and use them occasionally.

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