Living in the City in Turkey

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Turkey is a dynamic country. It is rich in culture. It is also as developed as any modern country. Turkey thrives in tourism. It also has other successful industries like services and manufacturing. Many of these industries can be found in the city. This is why it’s common to want to live in the city.

Cities in Turkey are full of life. The atmosphere is charged with energy. The people are warm. There are many interesting places. There are also opportunities for those willing to grab it. These are the vibrant minds that are in the city to make a difference in their lives. They’re either working for a better life or investing in their future. One thing brings everyone together. It is finding a place good enough to live. To achieve this, many purchase flats in Turkey

Popular cities to live in Turkey 

Turkey has many fascinating cities. Every city has what makes them unique. Some popular cities in Turkey are:

  • ISTANBUL: This is the biggest city in Turkey. It has the main seaport of Turkey. It is an active city with lots of landmarks.
  • ANTALYA: This city is popular amongst tourists. It has pristine beaches. Properties in this region often enjoy a view of the sea.
  • IZMIR: Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey. It is an old metropolis. It has a gentle atmosphere and many cultural attractions.
  • ANKARA: This is the capital of Turkey. It is famous for museums and its political significance. Ankara has the feel of a residential city. This means that the rush in it is not as bad as other cities 
  • AVSALLAR: This is a small resort city. It’s a favorite of many tourists. Living here gives one the feel of a small paradise.
  • KONYA: Lovers of history and culture will feel at home in Konya. It is known for agriculture. It also has a couple of manufacturing industries.

Flats in these cities are highly demanded. Everyone wants an opportunity to thrive. This could be by making a living in one of those amazing cities. It could also be by investing in them. You may invest in just one city. You also have the freedom to invest in more than one city.

Perks of living in an apartment 

A flat is one of the most popular choices to live in. This is because they’re often located in cities. Many people want comfort. They also want to live in a vibrant place. Living in an apartment in the city provides that. A residential complex comes with amenities. These amenities are enjoyed by those who live in a flat. They may include parking spaces, a gym, a pool and so on. Read more on the official website –

A lot of people work in the city. The makes apartments the best option for them. They get to live close to their workplace. There are more roads as well as airports in the city. This means that it’ll be easier to go from one place to another. The city also offers more benefits in infrastructure. There will be hospitals, banks, schools etc. All these will be easily accessed.

Flats are also cheaper than other properties. They are a top choice because of this. For someone who is on a tight budget, this makes it easy to have a home. The best part is that you can get a cosy home with the little you have. 

Another benefit, specifically for outsiders is finding a community. As someone new in Turkey, you need friends. Living in a flat unit puts you close to potential friends. You can get close to other foreigners. You may also make friends with citizens who are your neighbors too.

Best way to gain from investing in flats 

There is no doubt that investing in an apartment is lucrative. It is useful in many ways. You can live in the flat and enjoy a life in Turkey. Another option is to put it up for rent. The best thing about apartments is that demand for them never ends. This means you’d have tenants in no time. Apart from rent, you have the option to resell. However, you’d need to wait a while to make maximum profit. This is because property value rises over time.

To make the most of your investment, you should make as many as possible. Although there’s a limit, you can still make multiple investments. The aim of this is to make the biggest profit possible. You can either buy units in the same building or in different ones. With many units, you can have rental income from multiple sources. You can also resell. By then you will have amassed wealth from all your returns. 

What is the limit to foreign investment in real estate? 

Although Turkey wants foreign investors, it still needs to protect its citizens. This is why the Turkish government sets a limit on foreign investments. Aliens cannot own more than 10% of property in a district. They cannot buy property in military zones. In total, foreigners cannot own more than 74 acres of property in Turkey. Apart from these few regulations, you are at liberty to invest as much as you want.

Get a slice of Turkey real estate 

Opportunity is abundant in Turkey. The country is open to foreign investors. This means that you can buy flats in Turkey. You could be new or be an expert. With real estate, there is an opportunity to grow your assets. You may decide to live in Turkey and enjoy the country. You could also enjoy the passive income that comes with rent. You may as well hold on till you are ready to resell your property after it has gained value.

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