Major League: Athletes of Royal Blood

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On February 4, 2022, the Winter Olympics began in Beijing and will continue until February 20. Over the past 100 years of the Olympics, many notable athletes have participated, including members of the royal families. And if they are still alive, they would definitely become those who enter the list of the offers of the best cricket odds in 22Bet. Here are the brightest athletes of blue blood.

Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich Romanov

Grandson of Alexander II and cousin of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, he is a scandalously famous person. He became famous for being an active participant in the bloody murder of Grigory Rasputin and, unlike his cousin and his family, he successfully survived the 1917 revolution. Besides, after leaving the country, Dmitri Pavlovich arranged his life well.

In 1912, Dmitry Pavlovich took part in the Olympic Games in Stockholm. He went to the competition as a member of the Russian equestrian team. He took part in individual show jumping and then in the team competitions. Unfortunately, Dmitry Pavlovich wasn’t the best at the competitions. He took ninth place in the individual event and the fifth as a member of the Russian national team. The “gold” of the Olympics in equestrian sport was taken by Sweden and France.

All in all, Russia’s participation in the 1912 Olympics may be called a failure. Then the imperial team ranked last but one out of 18 participating countries. To prevent a similar fiasco in the future the Grand Duke undertook to develop the Olympic movement at home.

King of Norway, Ulaf V

Ulaf V was passionate about sports since childhood, a love for it instilled in him by his father, King Haakon VII. As a crown prince, he competed in the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928. He took part in the sailing races on his boat, the Norma. Kronprinz didn’t lose face and led his team to a gold medal in the 6m class. It was the only gold Norway brought home that year. The crown prince was helmed by the titled Olympian Johan Anker (who won gold at the 1912 Games). Anker created yachts of his own design that were a great success with the European aristocracy.

Until his death, Ulaf V remained a sportsman and a keen yachtsman. The love of sport and the Olympic spirit the monarch passed on to his son, Crown Prince Harald V. Throughout his life, he was also passionate about yachting and participated in three Olympics. In 2017, at 80, he took part in the Sailing World Championships.

King Constantine II of Greece

Another crown prince who participated in the Olympics was the future King Constantine II of Greece. In 1960 l, when he was 20 years old, he competed in sailing in the Dragon class at the Rome Games. The crown prince then brought the gold medal to Greece, which was a truly momentous moment for the country. First, this “gold” was the first medal of such value for Greece in sailing since the 1912 Stockholm Olympics. Second, Konstantin became the youngest winner of the Olympics in this type of program.

But the crown prince wasn’t the only monarch on board that day. Constantine II’s older sister Sophia was on board as a spare. Constantine later recounted that the first person to congratulate him on his Olympic gold was a member of the Soviet crew. He tugged the crown prince by the sleeve, held up his thumb and shook his hand.

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