Modern Weddings Embrace Personalization And Purpose Without Shunning Tradition

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Intimate, personal, micro: these are three words that are dominating in the current wedding scene, at a time in which big weddings have been postponed and many couples have fallen in love with small yet meaning-filled weddings that are in line with the zeitgeist. Studies such as the 2019 study undertaken by researchers at Olivet Nazarene University have shown that the vast majority of millennials seek purpose-filled lives: those that have a positive impact on the people and world around them. This same ethos has extended itself to the way millennials celebrate watershed moments such as weddings. Weddings are seen as the ultimate expression of a couple’s values, while still embracing many traditional components of this ceremony and celebration.

A Passion For The Planet

Sustainability is big among millennials, with The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2020 showing that millennials and Gen Zs are keen to create ‘a better new normal’ – one in which values such as protecting the planet and leading lower-carbon lifestyles appeal. Sustainable weddings are one of the hot trends of the moment, with many brides and grooms seeking ways to throw lavish yet eco-friendly parties that incorporate elements such as recycled wedding dresses, potted flowers in lieu of cut ones, invitations printed on recycled paper, and plastic-free décor.

Sustainability is also behind the choice of suppliers for aspects such as venues and catering. Brides and grooms are looking carefully into the sustainability policies of suppliers, opting to back those with a firm policy that demonstrates an authentic commitment to green living.

Meaningful Wedding Jewelry Choices

Bespoke, vintage, and personally chosen jewelry pieces have been particularly popular in recent years. Many couples are opting out of standard pieces (such as plain wedding bands) in lieu of more unique styles for men’s engagement bands, pavé diamond wedding bands for women, rings in unusual materials such as black gold, and unique central stones such as emeralds, yellow diamonds, or sapphires. This marks a move away from traditional clear diamond engagement rings. These days, brides are just as likely to choose an eternity-style, stackable ring for an engagement ring than the typical design with one central stone.

Practicality, compatibility with fashion trends, and personal preference are holding sway more strongly than in the past for both men and women. Men, for instance, are opting for more creative styles – including diamond channel-set and hammered inlay bands, and black diamond and sandblast finish bands that are as fashionable as they are meaningful. They have access to a far wider range of finishes and textures, which makes wearing bands more appealing to even the most sartorial of brides and grooms.

Modern weddings are more likely to be intimate, smaller affairs (at least until the era of ‘the new normal’ is achieved). Millennial generations are taking the opportunity to celebrate intimate weddings that truly express a couple’s personality and values. From sustainable weddings right through to unique jewelry pieces, several components of weddings are adapting nicely to a couple’s wishes rather than the other way around.

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