New Jersey’s Online Gaming Boom: The Rise of Social Casinos

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Over the past decade, New Jersey has emerged as a vibrant hub for online gaming, a sector that has flourished under the watchful eye of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). This regulatory body, known for its stringent standards and thorough oversight, has played a pivotal role in shaping the state’s thriving online casino scene. 

The DGE, comprised of attorneys, investigators, accountants, state troopers, and prosecutors, ensures the integrity and fairness of casino operations, both offline and online. Through their diligent work, New Jersey has become a benchmark in the industry, setting standards that others aspire to meet.

The Rise of Online Gaming in New Jersey

The online gaming scene in New Jersey is not just a success story; it’s a revelation. October 2023 was a landmark month for the industry, with online casinos generating a staggering $166 million in revenue. However, this record was short-lived, as November 2023 saw even greater heights, with revenues reaching an unprecedented $171.6 million, marking a 17.4% increase from the previous year.

These numbers are much more than figures on a balance sheet; they represent the burgeoning popularity and acceptance of online gaming in the Garden State. The year 2022 saw New Jersey’s online casinos generate $1.66 billion in revenue, a record for the United States. 

Yet, 2023 has already surpassed this, reaching $1.7 billion with a month to go (recorded in November 2023). This consistent growth, with November 2023 marking the 33rd consecutive month of revenues exceeding $100 million, underscores the robust nature of the industry in New Jersey.

Alongside the traditional online casino success, New Jersey has witnessed an intriguing rise in social casino gaming, offering an alternative and complement to regulated online gambling. This robust sector, characterized by social casino games, allows players to engage in casino favorites like slots, card games, and table games using Gold Coins (GCs). This innovative approach provides a light-hearted, social way to enjoy casino games, aligning perfectly with the ideals of responsible gaming.


One standout in this emerging field is Hello Millions, a social casino platform that epitomizes this genre’s fun and communal aspect. At, gaming is free, embodying the spirit of social gaming where no purchase is necessary. This approach ensures compliance with legal standards and fosters a responsible gaming environment.


Hello Millions offers a variety of games, from famous and jackpot plays to exclusive GC games and unlimited play options. Their expansive game library shows their commitment to providing a diverse range of engaging and responsible gaming experiences. With a strong emphasis on community and accessibility, Hello Millions has rapidly become a favorite among New Jersey’s gaming enthusiasts.

Table: New Jersey Online Casino Revenues (November 2023) Here is a breakdown of the revenue generated by various licensed holders in November 2023:

License Holder Total Revenue
Golden Nugget Atlantic City $50,113,737
Resorts Digital $47,248,495
Borgata $37,897,517
Tropicana Atlantic City $9,046,737
Hard Rock Atlantic City $8,655,271
Bally’s Atlantic City $7,935,221
Caesars Interactive $5,664,359
Ocean $5,022,983
Harrah’s Atlantic City $7,184
Total: $171,591,504

The NJDGE’s Role in Ensuring Integrity

The NJDGE does not break down individual site data but rather provides aggregate figures by license. This approach emphasizes the collective performance of the industry rather than spotlighting individual operators – many of which line the Atlantic City Boardwalk, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and ethical practice among licensees. 

The Golden Nugget led the revenue charts, with their sites combining for over $50 million, while Resorts Digital followed closely. Even the smallest contributor, Harrah’s Atlantic City, played a crucial role in the industry’s overall success.

August 2023 Gaming Revenue Results

According to the NJDGE’s report, the casino win for the nine casino hotel properties in August 2023 was $280.3 million, a 2.3% increase from the previous year. The Internet Gaming Win for the same month stood at $155.3 million, a substantial 18.1% growth. 

Sports Wagering Gross Revenue in August 2023 was an impressive $96.0 million, a 47.1% increase from 2022. The Total Gaming Revenue for August 2023 reached $531.6 million, reflecting a healthy 12.9% growth from the previous year. 

With the New Year upon us, it’s on to bigger and better things – with continued growth of the iGaming arena expected!

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