NJ Diet Review: Is it the best weight loss program for you?

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There are a lot of ways to lose weight. Yet what makes one weight loss program different from the thousands of others? Essentially, it comes down to what methods the program uses and how effective those methods are. In this article, we’re going to examine the methods and effectiveness of the NJ Diet.

What Is the NJ Diet?

The NJ Diet is a weight loss system undertaken under the supervision of a doctor. Its purpose is to help clients lose weight safely and quickly. This program’s essence is its meal plan that is created based on a personal consultation and DNA test.

Followers of the NJ Diet are assigned a doctor who uses saliva, blood, and hair samples to provide a personalized diet solution that combines nutrition, movement, and bio-energetic supplements. The supplements are intended to balance hormones as well as rid the body of toxins, viruses, bacteria, and metals.

They are then monitored twice a week to ensure that fat is getting burned, and it isn’t just water weight that is being lost. Furthermore, followers can reach their doctor directly when they have a question or concern, so they always have the support they need.

According to NJ Diet reviews, this system is effective, with many happy customers. However, rather than just taking their word for it, let’s look at the science behind the NJ Diet weight loss program.

The Science of the NJ Diet

The NJ Diet program combines a low-calorie diet with supplements meant to provide “natural hormone healing.” NJ claims that the supplements prevent people from feeling hungry.

The weight loss plan helps people control their meal portions by specifying low-calorie, whole, and lean foods. The meal plan is designed based on nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics is a scientific process that looks at the link between genetics, nutrition, and health. This is why DNA testing is central to the NJ Diet. NJ Diet’s DNA testing looks at 40 specific genetic factors that give them insight into how a person’s body processes and burns their food. For example, it’s possible to have a particular gene variant that causes you to gain weight when you eat too many saturated fats. Alternatively, you may have a gene that makes it hard for you to metabolize foods high in carbohydrates or sugar efficiently. Additionally, DNA testing helps determine if a person is predisposed to particular food sensitivities or nutritional deficiencies. Consequently, the NJ Diet followers will learn what foods to avoid and which natural supplements to add to their diet.

This approach to weight loss is backed by several studies that NJ Diet cites on their website. The first study was conducted at Stanford University in 2008 and involved 141 women who each followed one of four popular diets for one year. Those who followed a genetically matched diet demonstrated a loss that was 2.5 times greater than those who followed diets not matched to their genotype.

Based on the DNA test results, NJ can tailor a meal plan specific to a person’s genes. This approach makes sense when you consider that a person’s genes control their hormone and enzyme levels and other metabolic health elements. All of these things affect how a person’s body uses the nutrients and calories they consume.

Furthermore, the diet supplements lead to intense fat burning allowing followers to burn between 2000 and 7000 calories.

How Can You Sign Up for the NJ Diet?

NJ Diet offers both in-person and online consultations. The in-person consultations are designed for people residing in the New York City area and the state of New Jersey. However, online consultations are available for clients nationwide as well as those residing in New York and New Jersey. You can book consultations through their website or over the phone.

The Cost

Several things go into what the NJ Diet costs. The initial consultation costs $99. However, they are currently running a special, offering the initial consultation for $27. The NJ website doesn’t list its prices, but several websites that have reviewed the NJ diet have cited costs between $900 and $2,100.


The NJ Diet offers two elements that may prove to help a person lose weight. The first is their DNA-based meal and supplement approach which promises a diet that’s personalized to the criteria exhibited by one’s genes. The second is their one-on-one support. Followers of the NJ Diet are personally followed by an expert, ensuring that they have support every step of the way. For these reasons, the NJ Diet may prove more successful than other diets.

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