Oura Ring vs Whoop: The Key Differences

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Fitness trackers and smartwatches are the norm for those of us that take part in sports, or that are conscious of our health and well-being. They allow us to keep track of statistics and log our activity with ease throughout the day. Trackers are advancing to show us in-depth and accurate statistics that we can use to our advantage – the Oura Ring and The Woop Band are no exception. These modern trackers are based on recovery and sleep, they can be extremely helpful for athletes, or those of us keen to stay on top of our overall wellness. Read on for an overview of Oura ring vs Whoop – which would you choose?

The Oura Ring: What is it? 

This product is one of the most modern in wearable fitness. If you are not keen on wearing a tracker on your wrist – an Oura ring is a more discreet option. The product itself is a little thicker than a wedding band and is made to be worn on whichever finger you choose. It is a durable option made from titanium that is available in both gold and silver, as well as a black and matte black finish – there is a design to suit everyone! If you’re looking for an alternative to the standard smartwatch, this ring could be a good option for you.

What does it track?  

This ring has been made to focus on how long it takes for you to recover from a workout and is great for helping you to prioritise sleep. It does this by identifying if your body is ready to be put under stress that day, and how rigorous your exercise should be. Instead of solely focusing on tracking movement and activity, it allows you to focus on your well-being. The ring features infrared light that travels through the skin to measure various statistics, like your heart rate and respiratory rate. This may not be the best band for you if you simply looking to track workout stats (although they are hoping to add more activity tracking in the future), but if you are hoping for a more in-depth look at how your body recovers and how you sleep – this product could be the perfect option.

The Whoop band: What is it? 

So, like the Oura ring, the Whoop Band also focuses on recovery rather than tracking as it’s the main feature. You can wear the band around your wrist as you would with a normal smartwatch or tracking device. It can be worn to get a better idea of how you have recovered after your previous workout and let you know when your body is ready for the next. You can make the Whoop Band your very own with a range of colours to choose from to match your outfits. This brand even offers clothing that you can wear instead of your Whoop band, to allow for tracking without the hassle of wearing it on your wrist!

What does it track? 

The Whoop Band prioritises sleep and recovery. It tracks oxygen saturation, which helps with sleep data and monitoring. It tracks skin temperature, which is used for predicting menstrual cycles and illness, but it can also be used to track movement. It shows you how much strain you’ve put on your body, through heart rate and calories, how well your recovery is going with resting heart rate and sleep, and how well you’ve slept by tracking the duration of exercise, efficiency, and sleep stages.

Which is best? 

When it comes to deciding which is best, you should firstly think about what you would rather wear. If you lift weights, the Oura will get in the way and may become damaged. If you prefer a band or watch, Whoop would be better suited to you. Read on as we look at how they compare.

Accurate tracking 

This is a difficult comparison to make these metrics are difficult to measure exactly, and you’ll find that a lot of bands are not 100% accurate. The Oura ring states that it is 99.6% accurate when it comes to measuring heart rate. The Whoop Band provides accurate heart rate measurements, so it all comes down to what you’d prefer to wear. It is worth noting that the Whoop band is aimed at athletes that are more likely to find recovery metrics useful, and the Oura is an all-around good product for those that would like to improve their well-being in general.


Both the Oura and the Whoop are high-end when it comes to tracking devices, which means high-end prices! Working out what they will cost you upfront is not as simple as you might think, as they both charge for memberships either monthly or annually. Oura charges you upfront for the device itself, plus a monthly charge that includes access to the app. Whoop offers three options to pay for your subscription with no upfront cost for the band. Whoop works out more affordable in the short-term, but in the long-run Oura may be the better option.


There are a couple of other features that you should compare when it comes to these products. If long-lasting battery life is something that you think is a non-negotiable, Oura comes in at 6-7 days from one charge and the Whoop at 4-5 days. The Oura can withstand going further underwater than the Whoop, at 100M for the ring, and !0M for the band. There are positives for both trackers, it all depends on which suits your lifestyle and price point.

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