Perks Of Making Your Office Parties Sober Friendly

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Office happy hours became a sensation when corporations started introducing happy hours at the end of work Fridays. The convenient factors are team bonding and helping them let loose. No doubt, providing free alcohol always helped with additional motivation.

Along with that, many corporate events also share alcohol as a rule. On the surface, it does look harmless. However, if one takes a closer look, one will find that there are many who do not like being asked –

Why are they not drinking?

Is everything all right?

Especially if someone is going through a secret alcoholism recovery, it could be terrifying for them to be on the spot. Yes, they can always avoid the questions and the pressure to drink, but they won’t be enjoying the event.

This is why having a sober corporate event is always encouraged. This is overall a controversial move, and there will be many raising a question. In this excerpt below, we will be discussing why it is the right choice and how you could be encouraging others.

What Is A Sober Party

A sober party or event discourages any idea of alcoholic drinks. Rather they encourage drinking mocktails or other beverages at the event.

In this particular event, every employee is having a conversation with one other sober, and the office is finding other activities to encourage employee bonding. No doubt, it is always easier when the senses are a little compromised, but dopamine release can be influenced by other elements as well.

One of them is dancing, good food, and games. One can have a sports event to bring about team spirit the next time.

Who Will This Benefit

If you are not convinced yet, then here is the list of people you will be immensely helping out with your sober events. You do not have to be a sober coach/advocate for your employees, and they can always find the delights of alcohol after office hours.

However, from now on, office events are for sober mingling. Here are some of the folks who will benefit heavily from this decision.

1. Someone Suffering From High-Functioning Alcoholism

High-functioning alcoholism can be caused by two things.

1. They are in denial of the problem.

2. It is normal for them, and they genuinely do not see a problem.

Therefore, you will be glad not to enable this by offering them free alcohol at office events. Plus, the motive of going non-alcoholic for events might give them a good reality check.

2. A Recovering Patient

Someone recovering from alcoholism, whether it is a secret or not, requires to be in sober company. Now, they can always say no to friends and family events. However, saying no to every office event could be bad for their professional reputation.

Yet, if they are getting triggered in every event, they will be bound to say no. After all, once they have suffered through a painful recovery, they have to say yes to their mental health.

3. Someone Who Is Not Willing To Drink

Someone who is not willing to sip on alcohol in these office events can often feel pressured in many ways.

Seeing everyone drinking and getting the temptation.

Knowing it is an office after hours, and feeling guilty because the office paid for the drinks.

Verbally pressured by co-workers. Not everyone can stand against that pressure, and still, so no. Some just give in to end the conversation there.

4. Someone Unable To Control Their Number Of Drinks

There are people who see stars behind their eyes upon seeing free alcohol. It is heavenly for some who love to drink.

However, there are naive sides to this spectrum. Sometimes these individuals can get obliterated drunk and lose all their senses or conscience. Since it is an office party, preferably hosted in a public setting, there has to be some form of professional decorum to be maintained.

If you are having a sober party, you will always be somewhat professional.

5. Safety At The End Of The Night

They will be safe at the end of the night. No DUI or accidents, and everyone will be steady with their motor and conscience.

Enough to safely reach home after an excellent night of good food and delicious refreshments.

Encouraging Everyone For A Sober Party

Yes, there might be some questions raised and some disappointed faces, especially if you have served alcoholic drinks at events before. However, these are some of the ways you can assess the situation.

1. Conduct Classes On The Harmful Effects On Alcohol

You can conduct classes and seminars by experts who will come and talk about the harmful effects of alcoholism. How easily can one get addicted to such substances over extreme work stress?

2. Replace The Beer Keg With Non-Alcoholic Drinks

At parties, you can replace the beer keg with non-alcoholic drinks or healthy alternatives. This will release people from the pressure of using it because it is there and paid for.

On the other hand, you can chuck the beer keg entirely and make your intentions clear about serving non-alcoholic drinks at these events.

3. Test The Water With Non-Alcoholic Drinks

You can serve them non-alcoholic drinks at the first event and keep it a secret. Good non-alcoholic tonics do a good job of emulating the smell and taste of alcohol.

They are also known for inducing a little dopamine high because of the familiarity. Do check the reactions of your coworkers with these special ‘cocktails.’ You can buy non-alcoholic whiskey online.

4. Introduce Other Fun Activities

Try to get them excited with other activities as well. Some of the activities which can help people forget about alcohol are:

  • Dancing.
  • Picnics with sports.
  • Bowling or Arcade games.

5. Good Food Is The Key To Everything

Good food can stop any alcohol craving. Next time you host a corporate event for your company, bombard them with a variety of food on the menu. We are talking about:

  • Meat-based.
  • Vegan.
  • International.


Everything is above and beyond. Their excitement to try this delicious cuisine free of cost will help them forget about alcohol.

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