Pickup Trucks Most Stolen Vehicle: Use These Tips to Protect Yours

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Anti-theft technology has made cars safer from thefts. Due to the rising car theft rates, more people are going to their locksmiths to integrate anti-theft lock technology into their cars. However, this technology has made car thieves place their sites on cars lacking anti-theft technology.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), car vehicle theft has seen a 17% increase since 2019, with the highest theft rates in Colorado and Washington. Most cars stolen in recent months have been pickup trucks because these cars do not have anti-theft technology.

Owners of pickup trucks, though, need not fear. You can take a number of actions to keep your truck secure. Getting your locksmith to assist you is without a doubt the greatest option. ontimelocksmiths.com makes it simple to find services in your neighborhood. There are also actions you can tackle on your own in addition to seeking professional help.

Car Models at Risk of Theft

Full-size pickup trucks, particularly the Chevrolet and Ford models without anti-theft equipment, have reportedly become the target of thieves in practically every state, according to CarScoops. The criminal uses a gadget to trick the keyless entry automobile into opening its door by sending a signal to it.

In all states, the older models of the full-sized pickup were the biggest most prominent targets. The total number of Chevrolet pickups stolen exceeded 3200. The 2005 and 2004 models were the most stolen. In California, more than 15,000 2001 models were stolen. Ford was the most stolen car in more than half of all U.S states, with almost 39000 pickups stolen in 2022. For Ford, 2006 was the most targeted.

Six Tips To Protect Your Car

Your pickup truck may be a target for theft, particularly given how simple it is to break into and how many pricey parts it has. However, the advice provided below might help you keep your vehicle safe from theft.

1. Use a Steering Wheel Lock

Although an old-school technique, steering wheel locks are a good way for you to safeguard your truck. Since pickup trucks without anti-theft equipment are being targeted, a steering wheel lock ensures that any would-be thief who sets eyes on your vehicle will be caught off guard.

Steering wheel locks are rod-shaped metal devices that stretch across the steering wheel, preventing the vehicle from being steered.

2. Install Truck Bed Covers

The majority of stolen Ford and Chevrolet models had coverings that were simple to access. Therefore install truck bed covers that are strong and designed to protect your truck.

3. Install an Alarm System

An Alarm system is one of the best ways to ensure that your pickup remains safe. The car alarm is triggered through motion sensors from vibrations or movements. A car alarm is independent of the keyless system, so the thief can not bypass the alarm security with a signaling device.

4. Add a GPS Tracker

Consider adding a GPS tracking system. While the system won’t necessarily protect your car from being stolen, it can help you find and recover it. Additionally, a GPS tracker gives you peace of mind because you always know where your car is.

5. Block Signals to the Wireless Key

One way that thieves are stealing trucks is through key relay attacks. This happens when the thief sends a signal to your key to open and start the pickup. You can protect yourself from such attacks by wrapping your key in aluminum foil or a faraday wallet when you sleep so the thief can not hijack your key in the middle of the night.

6. Park in a Safe Spot

The best way to keep your pickup safe is to park it in the garage overnight. However, ask your locksmith to do a security check to ensure the garage is safe. Alternatively, if you do not have a garage, park your vehicle so the tires are turned towards the curb. This makes it difficult for the thief to maneuver the car.


It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your truck. Vehicle owners need to know how to keep their vehicles secure in light of the rising car theft rates. While there are various ways to keep your car safe, hiring a professional locksmith is the safest option. These experts are aware of how to deal with the theft issue, particularly in pickup trucks without anti-theft systems. They may assist with keeping your automobile safe so you won’t have to worry about finding it in the morning.

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