Promising Cars Worth the Wait in 2021

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The coronavirus pandemic caused severe disruption to the auto industry in 2020 and so much so that it nearly brought the industry to a halt. While the pandemic will continue into 2021, there is a lot more to be optimistic about and there are a handful of exciting automobiles scheduled for release which look promising and will be worth the wait.

Audi Q4 E-Tron

Audi’s highly anticipated Q4 E-Tron will see the German manufacturer start the decade as they mean to go on and this is with a luxury, stylish and high-quality electric SUV that looks set to compete with the Tesla Model Y. The vehicle is said to boast a 0-62 speed of just six seconds along with a top speed of 112mph, so it will certainly pack a bunch while bringing all the perks of an electric vehicle.

Dacia Spring Electric EV

For those seeking a more affordable electric vehicle, the Dacia Spring will certainly be worth looking into. The brand has become hugely popular thanks to their affordability and no-frills approach and this will be their first foray into the electric car market and it is said to have a range of around 125 miles per charge which will be enough for most people.

Alfa Romeo Tonale

The Italian manufacturer is known for its beautiful yet affordable automobiles and the Tonale will certainly turn heads wherever you go with Alfa’s trademark sleek style. The Tonale is also their first hybrid model so it will appeal to those looking to be more eco-friendly and bring down their running costs and as a subcompact crossover, it is also highly practical and will appeal to a number of different motorists.

Volkswagen ID.4

VW is embracing the green car revolution and the ID.4 will be the first electric crossover to reach the market. This stylish, modern-looking vehicle is a great all-rounder with ample interior space, plus with this brand name, you know that you are getting a high-quality automobile that you can rely on. While the ID.4 will be reliable, motorists always need to consider taking out a GAP insurance policy on a new car which could save them a fortune in the event of a write off which would see them only receive the current market value (which would be much less due to depreciation).

These are just a few of the best vehicles set for release in 2021 but there are many others that will help the auto industry to recover from the challenges of 2020.

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