3 Useful Tips for Selling Your Phoenix Home Fast

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There couldn’t be a better year than 2021 to sell your Phoenix home. According to industry forecasts, home sales will increase 11.4 percent, which is higher than the national average.

It’s a seller’s market in Phoenix, which means you should start preparing your home for the market. However, while the demand for homes is super high, there’s no guarantee that your property will sell quickly or potential buyers will meet your asking price.

It takes adequate preparation to ensure your home doesn’t sit on the market for too long and sells at the right price. In this article, we’re sharing 3 top tips for selling your home in the Valley!

1. Decide on a Selling Strategy

When you’re certain that you want to sell your home, you want to start by settling on a selling strategy. There’s FSBO, or For Sale By Owner, which means you’ll handle all aspects of the sale. The other option is to hire a real estate agent and let them do all the work.

Which way will you go?

It all depends on your circumstances. If you’re wondering how to sell my home quick and want to make the most money from the sale, you’re better off hiring a seller’s agent. If paying out a commission to an agent puts you off or you want to be in control of the entire process, follow the FSBO path.

2. Get the Home Ready for Viewing

You can sell the home as-is or make repairs and aesthetic enhancements (such as repainting the walls) before selling. Either way, the home needs to be ready for viewing just before you put it on the market.

The first step to getting the home ready for viewing is to move out. Prospective buyers will want to inspect every part of the property. This won’t be possible if you’re still living in it when someone wants to check it out.

Once the property is vacant and prepared adequately (if you’re not selling as is), it’s time to proceed to the next step.

Remember, if you decide to hire a real estate agent, they will advise you on the repairs and remodels to make, and can stage the home if required.

3. List and Promote Your Property

Listing your Phoenix home is the official way to put it on the market.

If you’re following the FSBO path, you’ll have to list the home on Phoenix-based real estate websites and news platforms. Erecting a ‘for sale sign’ on the property is also another way to show that the property is on the market.

If you’re working with a real estate agent, they’ll list your home on multiple sites, since they have access to the MLS system.

Once listed, expect to start receiving calls and requests to view the property. Next, assess the offers and begin on closing the deal with the buyer.

Sell Your Phoenix Home Right Now!

The Phoenix real estate market is getting hotter. Buyers are scouring the market, looking for ideal properties. Use this guide to sell your Phoenix home easily and quickly.

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