Shared Living: The Secret to Saving Thousands on Rent in NYC

by Staff

Are you grappling with New York City’s skyrocketing cost of living? You’re not alone. As the world’s priciest city, NYC has witnessed a substantial rise in the cost of everyday items and services, along with soaring rental rates. It’s time to consider the merits of finding spare rooms in NYC.


SpareRoom’s recent study unveils the monetary advantages of renting shared living spaces in New York City compared to renting an entire apartment or home. The study shows that renters in Manhattan can save a substantial $2,016 (53.04%) by opting for shared living arrangements, with average rents of $3,800 (Zillow) vs. $1,784 (SpareRoom). Renters in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx also stand to gain significant savings of $1,531 (52.48%), $1,280 (52.34%), and $1,109 (51.24%), respectively.


“Living with roommates has always been a great way for New Yorkers to keep their costs down, but the savings they can make now are bigger than ever. With rents in NYC hitting an all-time high at the end of 2022, New Yorkers can save over $2,000 a month. For some young renters, that’s the equivalent of a second salary,” notes Matt Hutchinson, Communications Director at SpareRoom.


Beyond financial gains, shared living boasts a variety of other advantages. Roommates can cultivate a sense of community, facilitate the formation of new friendships, and help divide household chores and responsibilities. Furthermore, shared living arrangements enable renters to reside in more upscale neighborhoods, providing improved access to amenities, transportation, and employment opportunities.


Naturally, shared living comes with certain challenges. Roommates need to maintain open communication and be ready to compromise on aspects such as house rules, shared expenses, and personal boundaries. However, the monetary and social benefits often outweigh these challenges.


In a nutshell, shared living offers a viable and impactful solution to alleviate costs in the bustling metropolis of the Big Apple. By adopting this lifestyle, you can immerse yourself in the dynamic spirit of New York City while saving money and moving towards a more secure financial future. Don’t let the high cost of living prevent you from experiencing all that NYC has to offer – seize the opportunity, discover your ideal roommate match, and start reaping the rewards of shared living today.

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