Some of the Most Popular Vacation Home Destinations Around the USA

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If you’re fortunate enough to have the funds to buy yourself a vacation home that you can visit whenever you need a break, then this is certainly something that you should make the most of. Whether you love to hit the mountain slopes skiing, or you simply want to catch some sun rays on the coast, here we are going to explore some of the most idyllic vacation homes for you to consider.

Remember though, when looking for a place to buy, you need to do your research when it comes to real estate. Check out news about and other businesses to get a feel for them. You want to make the process as smooth as possible for you to find your dream vacation home.


In the state of Cali, you have so much to do right on your doorstep. The cities are vibrant and interesting, whilst the nature options are just as great. Think San Francisco, San Diego, Yosemite National Park, LA, and more. Check out the area that would suit you and your vacation needs most. If you’re wanting a beach destination, consider Malibu, Santa Monica, or Laguna Beach. As well, if it’s your scene, Las Vegas is only a short trip away from California, so you could incorporate Sin City into your breaks. The weather is unbeatable and you’ve got everything you need in terms of activities – theme parks, museums, famous landmarks, scenic views, and so on.

New York

New York, New York – so good, they named it twice. If you love the city and the idea of a fast-paced trip away appeals to you more than anything, then this could be the destination for you. You can’t beat a trip to New York for shopping and theater performances. Having said that, there are also more peaceful areas in New York state, and you have the opportunity to explore nature spots. One of the most notable being Niagara Falls herself! There’s also The Hamptons for a relaxing area for you to recharge. New York really does have it all, it just depends on what area appeals to you the most.


If you’re an outdoorsy type, then Colorado is probably going to tick a lot of your boxes for a trip away. The landscape is diverse – from beautiful River Canyons to The Rocky Mountains, you’ll never be short of excuses to enjoy the great outdoors. You have the opportunity to ski, take in the wildlife, go on hikes, and enjoy hot springs. You can even take in mountain views from the capital city of Denver.

When deciding where you want to purchase your holiday home, you should think about what you want from it. Consider your interests, places you’ve visited in the past and would like to return to, and where you can find an affordable place. Whilst you’re at home, not in your vacation pad, you could even rent it out to other vacationers so that it can make you some money back whilst you’re not in it.

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